Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TEN whole days!

Can you believe it? I can't! LOL Out of those 10 days I exercised all but two so far. I am really loving the exercise even though I have sweat dripping from my head while doing it :D It's hard, it's not SUPER fun, it's not even relaxing but I do love it. I remember in my young days I was addicted to exercise and I HAD to exercise every day no matter what!

Well after losing 20 lbs since starting work (I was in the early 290's when I started work back in October of 2008...thanks Christopher for catching that error ;) ) I had to go to an 18-20 pants instead of the 22-24 like I was in before. NOW today I tried on the 22-24 after wearing only my 18-20's for two weeks and they feel even bigger :D I'm getting rid of all of them and starting over with 18-20 sizes only. The weird thing is I'm still in a bigger top! I know my bust is bigger and I can't WAIT for IT to shrink so hopefully after a few months that will change as well. I'm still buying 22-24 shirts...sometimes 26! What the heck!?

Hubby told me today that I can go buy a few more pants to hold me over until I have to go down again to the next size ;) MWAHAHAHA I'm feeling good about this! So anyway...I went to the gym this morning and we did the usual workout plus added the extra 10 min of cadio. I found a new elliptical that does NOT make my toes fall asleep :D (did I tell you that last time?) SO I do 20 min on one and 10 on the other and sometimes I even hit the treadmill for 5 min all at close to my max heartrate :D (treadmill is at 3.0 mph and the elliptical is right around 4.0 now...started out at 2.9! Big improvement just over a week and 1/2. I am also getting a mile in before my 20 min mark now :D I am SO proud of that. I'm sweating like a crazy person and my face is red as a beet when I'm done but I feel good afterward! Nic was kind of scared when my face was so red LOL He told me he didn't like that face. HEHE
Ok off to Fashion Bug to shop! I have a coupon too :DDDDD Talk to you all tomorrow.
OH BTW hubby lost 12 lbs! He's riding bike almost every night now. And I also had an amazing breakfast buritto I made myself. Scrambled eggs, onions, salsa on a buritto shell. YUM

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Anonymous said...

WOW Congrats!


>>>> Well after losing 20 lbs since starting work (I was in the early 290's when I started work back in October of 2009) >>>>

lol how can that be, its only May 2009? How'd you jump 6 months?


- Christopher