Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Better day today :D

Not SO much laundry today. I got it all done and the Auditor comes in and he says. You kick ass at laundry LOL He's bummed that I don't work the next few days. Anyhow, I have another baby that hatched so the tiny one has a friend :D AND the third egg is pipped and complaining in the shell. I'm hoping to have another baby in the morning. The other two are out of the incubator and eating and drinking well. I can rest knowing they will all be ok now :D That one is just SO tiny! She is a bantam and the other chick is twice her size. It's just adorable. They are very nice to each other though :D Tomorrow is a clean day for sure. I have LOTS to do around here. Yesterday and the day before I did nothing but spend time with Nic and the chickens. He loves going out to the hen house with me. Although Steele (my cochin rooster) has kicked him twice now on the back. I told Nic the second time he did it to kick him back (not hard but enough to scare him) so he knows who's boss. He hasn't done it since. I do NOT allow Nic in the hen house without me becasue many kids get hurt around roosters. Nic is so jumpy I can see how Steele sees him as a threat to his hens. He's VERY protective with them. Nic now knows to move slowly around the chickens and to go in to get the eggs and move on out of there. Steele just ignores me totally. He never tried that sort of thing with me. I can pick him up and he's totally fine. He's my big baby for sure :D
Well, I better get my butt to bed. Nic is up early in the morning and I can see already I'm going to be VERY tired tomorrow! It's already 1:30 am. OH BTW Kallie...I DO work this weekend both Sat and Sun :( Otherwise I would have taken a ride over there. It's been a LONG time since I have been there. Whats going on that you are there this weekend?

Monday, March 16, 2009

I had a horrible day :(

For more then just one reason!~ First of all the worst part of my day. I was looking out our window (our main floor is up on the second level) and was watching the chickens. I noticed that they had what looked like a mouse that they were fighting over and eating. I went down to see what all the commotion was and see what the heck they were eating. When I got down there I couldn't see anything right away because they are quick and one has it then the next second another hen has it. They play keep away. Then when I finally seen it I noticed it was a CHICK! YES, a dead had probably been alive at one time though :( Then I went to the hen house to see how many eggs were left. There were three! We had SIX so I'm assuming three were ate by the naughty hens. I then heard chirping under the hen. She went all crazy when she heard that and began pecking at the egg...she hatched it out in two pecks and was trying to eat it! I grabbed it away from her and ran it in the house and after getting all the pine shavings off of it I put it in the incubator with the eggs I have in there. It was not doing the best and not moving. Just kind of dazed. I had to go to work so I had to just leave it and hope it would be ok. It had been picked on the back and was bleeding :( Poor thing! I then took the other two remaining eggs out of her nest and she was NOT pleased with me. She kept jumping on my shoulder and scolding me.
I got to work (already worried that my chick would die) and walk in and there is a CRAZY amount of laundry to do. Two heaping piles taller then ME! They fired our laundry person at work to save money so now we get all of the work ourselves. So I get to work on that which was NOT what I wanted to do tonight for sure. I will have the same tomorrow too! SEVEN hours of JUST laundry and I had nine walk ins and a bunch of reservations to check in in-between all the laundry. It was just not a good night.
So then when I got home I went right in the check on the baby and it was MUCH better! :D It's now walking a bit and dried off and its eyes finally opened. They seemed stuck shut before so that was the highlite of my night. And another good thing...I have another pip from one of the eggs I grabbed out from under her. Another that would have been lunch for the hens. I learned a hard lesson tonight. DO NOT allow hens to hatch eggs around bigger hens. She was not a good mother at all. I'm hoping my silkie hens will be better at this.

OK I'm tired and I need sleep so i will get going but just wanted to update you all and let you know I'm still alive. I hope everyone had a great week. Sorry I have not been around to anyones journal lately. I have just been so busy with working full time and trying to take care of the chickens and Nic. It's a full time PLUS job for me lately. I still love my chickens though and I would not trade that part of my life for anything.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

And we have names for our babies

Well, we picked up our silkies Sat and they are the CUTEST things ever! The people we got them from were very friendly. I could have stayed there for hours just talking with them and looking at their animals but hubby and Nic wanted to get home so I had to leave :( I ended up with a white, blue, and two splash :D I'm SO happy. I went there for three but they threw in the white for free because she had a curved toe which I'm going to try to fix :D
These babies are very active and fun to watch. I have them in the house right now becasue Nic didn't want them out in the shed LOL I have the food and water low enough so Nic can take care of them on his own and he's been doing a fantastic job!
On the way home he named them: HAHA Wait until you here this!

I asked him, Nic what do you want to name the white one. He says "Snowy" Ok that's a good name! What do you want to name the others He says sockey, pantsy, and shirtsy! LOLOL Ok hun they are your birds but are you sure you want to name them that? He says YUP! So there you have it. We have Snowy, Sockey, Pantsy, and Shirtsy. HUH well the good news is it doesn't matter who's male or female they can keep their names.
Ok so no pics yet. Hubby is gone for another two days for work. I will have him download pics for me when he gets home.
I had to move my bad girl Polish hen out of the orp pen because she was not letting my young splash hen eat. I picked her up and she was SO thin :( I put Shelby out in the shed in her own pen for now. The splash is doing MUCH better! Thank goodness I caught that before she got sick. I tried Shelby out in the big hen...she is tortured out there by the big hens...I tried her in with the silkies She pics on them terribly, then my last hope was in with the orps (they are bigger then her I though it would work out) no such luck! Oh well...will have to try polish another time but right now I'm looking for a home for her. She is SO sweet and follows us around the yard too :( I will miss her terribly!
Well, I better get my butt to bed. Have work tomorrow and Tuesday yet. Today wasn't to bad..I worked the morning shift which goes by faster. Plus I had a laundry person there to help me do laundry. I still did a lot of it but I had help. I will talk to you all later :D

Saturday, March 07, 2009


My son got this email today! We have been waiting for it ALL week!

Dear Stefan:
Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet University for the fall 2009 semester! You are required to complete the summer JumpStart: Academic Success Program.
We will be sending out a packet for you today. The packet includes the enrollment forms for you to fill out. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment forms, please do contact me anytime

THIS is great news for us! I am so excited for him. WOOT! Now I have to get used to NOT being able to see him every weekend :( That will by far be the hardest part. He has to leave even earlier because he was asked before to be on the football team there so practice starts before school.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Is it finally spring???

Well it's acting more like it now. It almost got up to 40 today! There were people out in shorts and t-shirts today which is quit normal for around her. When the temps start hitting 40 and the sun is shining then we know it's ok to pull out the shorts. I wasn't one of those people but I did have my short pants on today. We didn't need to put on our big winter jackets which was nice. We just wore sweaters.

Well, tomorrow we are heading out to get our silkies! :D Well, Nic's silkies. I will take pictures when we get home. We will most likely be gone for most of the day. Then it's back to work on Sunday. Well, I better get my butt upstairs...nic wants me to open his Batman set he payed for himself. He's very excited so I better go. Talk to you all later.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm SO excited!

What would excite me?? Well, more chickens what else! LOL I happened along an ad...someone is selling really nice quality silkies (some of the best in the US) and I GOT SOME! Or I should say am getting some!
Now what my plan is is to have Nic show these chickens. Maybe get him involved with a 4 H group because he loves animals as much as I do and it would be a wonderful project for both of us. I'm not sure at what age they can join but I'm sure I seen a little girl around Nic's age carrying around one of her winning birds at a show close to us and she was in a 4H group. It was SO darn cute and ever since then I thought that Nic and I had to do that. I'm taking Nic to the next show we go to. Just to see how he does. He's only 4 so he doesn't have a lot of patience yet. We have years with these birds so if it doesn't work out this year for him there is always next year. Plus I believe the birds have to be so many months old before you can even show them anyhow.

Work was interesting last to see a drug dog in action :D That was pretty cool. One of our business men had a complaint on them. They tried to buy drugs off someone and that someone followed them to our hotel. Cops came and found very little pot on them. Enough for personal use is all. Never heard anything else because I didn't even see the cops leave. I was busy in the back doing laundry.

Well, better get back to work around home...I have to go to work at 3 again today. Just wanted to share the silkie info :D I will take pics of course!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Tagged and more about chickens of course

I was tagged on Cassey's journal and I WILL get to that tonight after work or in the a.m. ...I only have a little while before work and I have to try to get the darn dishes done before I go. I'm waiting for laundry now so I thought I would quick to a little entry.

I candled my eggs in the hen house (Izzy my broody is sitting on eight eggs) They are ALL alive! She was sitting on ten a few days ago...she ate one (I'm thinking it was bad) and then one was not fertile so I removed it. I also have the bantam cochins in the incubator and those will be candled in five days. I set them the last day of Feb so March first is day one. Of course it takes 21 days for them to hatch.

Everyone is good here..just been VERY busy and anxious for spring to make an appearance for once. It's been zero here or close to it the last few days and it's getting OLD! I hope thursday and friday are better days...I have those days off of work. I think I have sat off too! *fingers crossed*
I do love my job and once I get there it's totally fine but just getting there is the hard part. I don't want to leave Nic and the chickens ever! LOL It's even going to be harder in spring when the days are longer. I'm going to LONG for home then I just know it. I remember working a few years ago and looking out the window about was still light out and I SO wanted to just go home and sit on our deck and watch the sun set. Well, better get those dishes done. At least the chickens are all watered and fed ready for the day. Steele has been outside crowing his crazy head off but I LOVE hearing him. He has the most unique crow ever. I can't wait to open the windows so I can hear him better. Talk to you all later ;) And Cassey, thanks for the tag :D