Sunday, March 08, 2009

And we have names for our babies

Well, we picked up our silkies Sat and they are the CUTEST things ever! The people we got them from were very friendly. I could have stayed there for hours just talking with them and looking at their animals but hubby and Nic wanted to get home so I had to leave :( I ended up with a white, blue, and two splash :D I'm SO happy. I went there for three but they threw in the white for free because she had a curved toe which I'm going to try to fix :D
These babies are very active and fun to watch. I have them in the house right now becasue Nic didn't want them out in the shed LOL I have the food and water low enough so Nic can take care of them on his own and he's been doing a fantastic job!
On the way home he named them: HAHA Wait until you here this!

I asked him, Nic what do you want to name the white one. He says "Snowy" Ok that's a good name! What do you want to name the others He says sockey, pantsy, and shirtsy! LOLOL Ok hun they are your birds but are you sure you want to name them that? He says YUP! So there you have it. We have Snowy, Sockey, Pantsy, and Shirtsy. HUH well the good news is it doesn't matter who's male or female they can keep their names.
Ok so no pics yet. Hubby is gone for another two days for work. I will have him download pics for me when he gets home.
I had to move my bad girl Polish hen out of the orp pen because she was not letting my young splash hen eat. I picked her up and she was SO thin :( I put Shelby out in the shed in her own pen for now. The splash is doing MUCH better! Thank goodness I caught that before she got sick. I tried Shelby out in the big hen...she is tortured out there by the big hens...I tried her in with the silkies She pics on them terribly, then my last hope was in with the orps (they are bigger then her I though it would work out) no such luck! Oh well...will have to try polish another time but right now I'm looking for a home for her. She is SO sweet and follows us around the yard too :( I will miss her terribly!
Well, I better get my butt to bed. Have work tomorrow and Tuesday yet. Today wasn't to bad..I worked the morning shift which goes by faster. Plus I had a laundry person there to help me do laundry. I still did a lot of it but I had help. I will talk to you all later :D


madcobug said...

Those are cute names Nic has chosen. Bet they are cute. To bad that one hen picks on the others. Helen

Kelly said...

Now you are beginning to get enough birds that you are running into the things I do, where one chicken just does not want to fit in anywhere. Sometimes, if you give them a time out in a solitary pen, but they are still able to see the others, they will be okay. I have had success with this with hens, but not always with roosters. I wouldnt be too quick to give her up if you want to keep her. Sometimes they just need an attitude adjustment. Can't wait to see the pics of your new silkies. :) I like the names that Nic gave them, if for nothing else for the fact they are so original! :) Love, Kelly

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