Saturday, March 07, 2009


My son got this email today! We have been waiting for it ALL week!

Dear Stefan:
Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet University for the fall 2009 semester! You are required to complete the summer JumpStart: Academic Success Program.
We will be sending out a packet for you today. The packet includes the enrollment forms for you to fill out. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment forms, please do contact me anytime

THIS is great news for us! I am so excited for him. WOOT! Now I have to get used to NOT being able to see him every weekend :( That will by far be the hardest part. He has to leave even earlier because he was asked before to be on the football team there so practice starts before school.


Donna said...

How wonderful! I know you are so proud of Stefen.

madcobug said...

Congratulations to Stefan. I know you are going to miss not seeing him very often. Helen

Missie said...

Congratulations Stefan!!