Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm SO excited!

What would excite me?? Well, more chickens what else! LOL I happened along an ad...someone is selling really nice quality silkies (some of the best in the US) and I GOT SOME! Or I should say am getting some!
Now what my plan is is to have Nic show these chickens. Maybe get him involved with a 4 H group because he loves animals as much as I do and it would be a wonderful project for both of us. I'm not sure at what age they can join but I'm sure I seen a little girl around Nic's age carrying around one of her winning birds at a show close to us and she was in a 4H group. It was SO darn cute and ever since then I thought that Nic and I had to do that. I'm taking Nic to the next show we go to. Just to see how he does. He's only 4 so he doesn't have a lot of patience yet. We have years with these birds so if it doesn't work out this year for him there is always next year. Plus I believe the birds have to be so many months old before you can even show them anyhow.

Work was interesting last night...got to see a drug dog in action :D That was pretty cool. One of our business men had a complaint on them. They tried to buy drugs off someone and that someone followed them to our hotel. Cops came and found very little pot on them. Enough for personal use is all. Never heard anything else because I didn't even see the cops leave. I was busy in the back doing laundry.

Well, better get back to work around home...I have to go to work at 3 again today. Just wanted to share the silkie info :D I will take pics of course!


madcobug said...

Silkes are beautiful. Good luck with Nic with them. Helen

Missie said...

I think getting little Nick involved with 4H is a great idea!

Enjoy your day.

Kelly said...

Hey Carrie! I am making it my mission to get around to everyone today and see how everyone is doing and whats going on. I can't wait to see those silkies! Shelby has just decided she wants to hatch Salmon Faverolles and show them next year with me so I will have company at the shows! I hope Nic will enjoy getting into all of those things too. You dont have to be jealous yet, of me having the SFs, those that I hatched out were for a friend. They came and got them all Sunday, but Debbie was so sweet, she left the little yellow SF for Shelby. I mentioned that Shelby had gotten a bit attached to it. I didnt know you could tell the sex of these at two weeks old! I was reading on the Feathersite.com and all you have to do is look at the wing feathers. Black, its a boy, brown, its a girl! We have a boy, of course. Ian says OH GREAT, another rooster! LOL, he is sweet to put up with all of our silliness. ;) I wish you didnt have to work so much dangit, I miss you! I know its just what has to be done though. Love you! Kelly