Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HUH...Lets see....got more news :D

Well, first of all before I forget...Kallie...I work right next door to that waterpark LOL they should come over there first if I'm working if they go again. I can get them cheap tickets to get into the waterpark ;)

Next...since I started working last October (I think I started in the middle of the month) I have lost 15 lbs! And I have NOT changed anything I eat in that time. It's not alot for that amount of time but at the same time it IS becasue I did not have to diet to do it LOL! So now I have decided to stop all soda to boost that weight loss a bit and still be able to eat the same way. We will see how that goes for me. One thing..I have a headache from HE** and I hate it! It's major caffeine withdrawal and It's awful! Especially at work when I have so much to do. I should be in bed now but I wanted to get an entry in this week.

On to the next...I have a broody hen and I have decided to give her some eggs to sit on. She has eight under her right now :D She would take more if I set them in front of her! I just simply set them next to her and she takes them with her beak and pushes them WAY under her. It's so adorably CUTE! My dad had mentioned that he had never seen a hen hatch out babies and would really love to see that before he dies. He's 82 so I figured this spring would be a good time for all of us so I did it! My hubby is ok with that because of the fact my dad would love to see it :) So I put four mutt chickens and 4 pure D'uccle eggs under her. We will see what happens in 20 days (she has been on them for a day already).

Then...what else did I do? Well, a friend of mine knew how much I wanted bantam blue cochins SOOO she put a bid on a thread on BYC for me and WON! I am getting eggies sent to me tomorrow! I have to get the incubator heated up and ready for these :D Don't ask me how I will do all this and still work full time becasue I have NO clue! LOL I just know I'm going to. Heck yesterday I forgot to eat lunch... and I just don't forget to eat! LOL That's just not like me ;)
Tomorrow I work 12 hours and then I get a day off on wed! Can't wait for that!

Last...I will be sure to take some pictures for you nonchicken people soon ;) I still have not been able to get to many journals :( I miss that the most when it comes to working full time. I miss you guys! Thanks for still stopping over even though I have not commented on your journals! Ok, well...I better get to bed. I'm tires and Nic will have me up at 6am I'm sure! Love you guys!

OH chris...I have not checked my aol mail in SO long. I will do that on my day off!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I promised pictures :D

I finally got hubby to add those pics for me so I can share them with you. If your not chicken people well, I will try to find other pics too. I also have some news that I can't remember if I shared with you all...and two movie reviews too. First we will start with the news. I think I told you that Stefan had been on homecoming court and that he had been listed as "All American" in football? But I don't think I told you that he got a recruit letter from Gallaudet University! They want him to play football there :D After they see his transcripts from his other school there will most likely be a scholarship involved in this :D The only problem is...Stefan is deaf and he has problems understanding the english writing. So with that, he had problems understanding the directions to the SAT tests. SO his score was lower then it should have been compared to his grades in school. He is an A B student in all his classes so he's very smart when he understands what the directions are. So were trying to see what can be done so he can take some prep classes so his test scores will improve. It sucks and he didn't' want to have to take them again but he will have to so his scores are where they are suppose to be. We have sent the transcripts over and sent his fees to the school to get started. It's in Washington DC so it's SO far away and I'm not going to like it but I know he will love it there. He told me the other night that he had a bad dream. I asked him what it was about and he said he had a dream he was back in his old school and he hated it. The only thing he misses at his old school is wrestling and his coach. I'm SO glad he talked us into letting him go. I didn't want to...I hesitated and really didn't want him to go but now I'm glad I did. In fact he didn't even come home this last weekend because he went home with a good friend of his. He's just really bloomed over there! So now that you know I"m happy about that I will get on with the next. PICS

Here is my blue orpington rooster Tristan blue: He's 14 weeks old



And here is his mate my Splash orpington hen Lexi:



And here is the coop we finished up but is still in the garage until the snow melts. And yes, I still plan on taking a video when they move that!



The venting in the coop:


And here is an outside:



We have I THINK decided to side it with regular siding rather then paint it. It's going to be closer to the road where people will see it so we don't want it looking like an old shed lol. We will prob side the big hen house later on too. AND hubby says he MAY just make another coop for me! I would LOVE to have another coop just like this one so I can have four different breeding breeds :D I think he loves me ;) Now we have coop one (unnamed yet) and coop two (Autumn Breeze). I still have bantam cochins and my silkies in his computer shed yet so I told him another coop just like this one would be perfect ;) I'm going to try to get pics of Stefan when he comes home this next weekend with Nic so I will add those. Alex was over yesterday and I forgot to grab some pics of her! I was so mad. Anyway....now on to the movies:

We watched "Fireproof" and that movie was awesome! If you don't believe in god it's not a good show for you but if you do...it is a fantastic movie! I do so it was fantastic ;) It's a good movie to watch with your young teen boys and your hubby. You both learn so much from this movie. I highly recommend this movie!

We also watched "The Secret Life of Bees" with Dakota Fanning and she was great in this movie. VERY good movie also and I give it three thumbs up! She plays a 14 yr old girl and I won't tell you anymore except she does get her first on screen kiss in this movie. So cute! I can't believe she has grown up so much already!

Well I have to get back to cleaning before I head to work today. I will talk with you all soon :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been a while!

Hi all...just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. We still have not got our apple computer because were waiting for the new one to come out. Once that is here I will be posting more often because its upstairs where I am most of the time. Anyway...work has been busy (I'm on 40 hours a week) and it's been a tough time getting used to the airline crew we have in They have a contract with us every day for a year. I'm getting used to it now but boy it was a battle at first. They are awesome people so that helps! Everyone here is fine...I'm taking some pics of my new babies later today and finally get some on here of our new finished banatam coop which is STILL in the garage. We figure we may as well leave it be until the snow melts. It's only in the single digits today again! We did have one day that was FORTY! That was nice! I have to go around and do rounds later today and see how Lori's grandbaby is I bet she is getting BIG! And I have to check in on Kelly and her chickens! I miss yoU! And Missie and Helen and many others I used to read every day but now can't seem to find the time! SORRY! I really miss my old life when I had time to read for an hour or two a day! On the brighter note...we are doing SO well on getting our CC bills paid off it's amazing. It's been hard not buying what I want when I want but it will all be worth it. THAT is the main reason I went to work and it's paid off. I won't even need to work anymore after Dec of this year if I don't want to. I may go to part time though... maybe, but I don't know if I will quit. I LOVE the people at work and the guests that come in. Were a long term stay hotel so the guests that come through our doors stay for months at a time and you really get to know them. I made two wonderful friends...Sarah and Vicky, the only girls who are staying long term (most are men) and one of them has a boxer :D She brings it down when her boyfriend brings him in. There is also a cook who comes in often and cooks for everyone! He brings down really nice meals for us :D Then there is a very friendly doctor who comes down to chat computer with me. He would LOVE to learn more about computers but is afraid of them. Once I told him my hubby was a computer wiz he's been hooked lol. Vicky is leaving next week so I will really miss her. After work she comes down and chats with me for an hour...gives me a break from laundry!
So anyway, life has been fine...everyone healthy and the chickens are healthy except they look terrible from the rooster! I'm buying saddles for next year so that doesn't happen again. Not to mention my big boy will have spurs by then. OUCH for the hens! He sure is a mating fool! My new blue and splash orps are beautiful! I LOVE them. He's crowing now and sounds so cute! Well, I better get off here and get to the dishes. I have a day off today so I have to try to get some cleaning done. I got the basement sparkling, now I just have to work on the upstairs. THEN we are finally going to take in a movie. BOY, it's been a long time since I just sat and watched tv for a few hours. Were watching the new Dakota Fanning movie. I hope this finds everyone well!