Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HUH...Lets see....got more news :D

Well, first of all before I forget...Kallie...I work right next door to that waterpark LOL they should come over there first if I'm working if they go again. I can get them cheap tickets to get into the waterpark ;)

Next...since I started working last October (I think I started in the middle of the month) I have lost 15 lbs! And I have NOT changed anything I eat in that time. It's not alot for that amount of time but at the same time it IS becasue I did not have to diet to do it LOL! So now I have decided to stop all soda to boost that weight loss a bit and still be able to eat the same way. We will see how that goes for me. One thing..I have a headache from HE** and I hate it! It's major caffeine withdrawal and It's awful! Especially at work when I have so much to do. I should be in bed now but I wanted to get an entry in this week.

On to the next...I have a broody hen and I have decided to give her some eggs to sit on. She has eight under her right now :D She would take more if I set them in front of her! I just simply set them next to her and she takes them with her beak and pushes them WAY under her. It's so adorably CUTE! My dad had mentioned that he had never seen a hen hatch out babies and would really love to see that before he dies. He's 82 so I figured this spring would be a good time for all of us so I did it! My hubby is ok with that because of the fact my dad would love to see it :) So I put four mutt chickens and 4 pure D'uccle eggs under her. We will see what happens in 20 days (she has been on them for a day already).

Then...what else did I do? Well, a friend of mine knew how much I wanted bantam blue cochins SOOO she put a bid on a thread on BYC for me and WON! I am getting eggies sent to me tomorrow! I have to get the incubator heated up and ready for these :D Don't ask me how I will do all this and still work full time becasue I have NO clue! LOL I just know I'm going to. Heck yesterday I forgot to eat lunch... and I just don't forget to eat! LOL That's just not like me ;)
Tomorrow I work 12 hours and then I get a day off on wed! Can't wait for that!

Last...I will be sure to take some pictures for you nonchicken people soon ;) I still have not been able to get to many journals :( I miss that the most when it comes to working full time. I miss you guys! Thanks for still stopping over even though I have not commented on your journals! Ok, well...I better get to bed. I'm tires and Nic will have me up at 6am I'm sure! Love you guys!

OH chris...I have not checked my aol mail in SO long. I will do that on my day off!


Donna said...

Wow, you're going to catch up with Kelly on the chicken enthusiasm yet! I'd like two or three hens, but Cliff doesn't think we need them.

Missie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Losing weight when your not even trying is so sweet isn't it?

Enjoy the rest of your week.

madcobug said...

That is great about the weight loss. Not being at home helps with the snacks that you might do. I do that LOL. You and your family will enjoy the hen and her chicks when they hatch. I always enjoyed mine. Helen

Kallie said...

15 that is awesome as I gained the 15. I started working out Tuesday - Day 3 today. It is a slow going but I am hoping to keep it going. I too am trying to cut out soda. I used to drink 3 c coffee and a few sodas a day. I am down to 1 cup coffee and 1 diet coke a day. Some days less. We need to get together soon.

Love ya

Cassey said...

Hey Hon! You've been tagged on my blog! Go check it out!