Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to the gym

Well today after taking a few days off from the gym...Sat and Sun becasue of working all day and Monday it was closed and I was sick on top of that...Tue and Wed I was really sick SO today was the first day back after days. I was still not feeling the best but I just didn't want to take yet another day off. It was hard going back and I got tired more easily because of having crap in my lungs yet that I am coughing up all day. Nick has been sick too but he is getting better faster than I am.
We just got in from mowing, taking care of chickens, raking the lawn to get some nice greens in our compost pile, and cleaning chicken coops. It's been a long day today. Plus I got some laundry done and a little cleaning. Tomorrow is another gym day and then it's back home to clean some more. I told Nic that him and I could have a picnic outside for lunch so we will make sandwiches and have a fun time outdoors.

I have chicks due to hatch tomorrow :D Two of them...the eggs that the silkie is sitting on :D I can't wait to see what type of mother she is. I hope she doesn't eat the chicks like the other darn hen did.
Our blue orp rooster has taken a liking to the hens and is spending the night in the big hen house tonight. He hasn't quit figured out the mating part yet but he's young.

OUr little silkies are getting HUGE! Remember I got four babies a while back. A black, blue, splash and white. I know for sure I have one hen and one roo but two are stumping me...I'm thinking two hens and two roos. Not sure yet though. They are always so hard to tell. They are in a different cage right now away from the new mother to be but will be added to it again after the chicks are big enough to move out. The chicks will get a new home as well (they are mutt chicks from the hen house)...I am just hatching them to check her mothering ability before I allow her to hatch other eggs. OH I also got a splash Frizzle bantam cochin and two (I think) blue frizzle one straight. I cant wait to see them all grown up :D
I haven't been able to find my camera for days now and I have LOTS of pics I want to take. I could have had a few really cute ones that I missed. LIke Nic and Olivia (our barred rock hen) looking into a puddle of water. Nic was all scrunched down by her on his feet and it was so darned cute! Not sure what they were looking at but something got both of their attentions.LOL Our chickens are just getting so very friendly because they know we are trust worthy now and they aren't afraid of us at all. Most of them will jump right up on your lap now. Max and Cubby are both great with them and even left alone they do not even bother chasing them. It's wonderful! Just a little training and they are just fine. Well, were going to watch Marley and Me so I will update tomorrow. OH eating went fantastic tonight :D HEATHER!!! I need you to send me your link to your journal. I can't find it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost done with week two!

Today was a great day...well, maybe not perfect but today I did a lot of research on weight and what calories I have to stick to to lose my desired weight. I have to eat about 1600 calories...or just a tad bit over that to continue to lose. I can do that! I can~! I did today in fact and that was with eating out at McDonalds for lunch. My total intake at Mc D's was 1060. More then I would have liked but it didn't ruin my day. IF i had had breakfast I would have been over for the day but since I didn't I was ok. I had Tuna over biscuits with green beans for dinner. I stuck with only the 2 biscuits per serving amount and I was just right. Not to full but not hungry after eating. I had a nice LARGE glass of water too. I did end up having 2 sodas on top of everything but even with that it didn't bring me over my calorie limit. My calories today were right around 1660 for the whole day. Not bad. Now I just have to choose healthier items next time.

I did 30 min on the elliptical and our regular weight training (usually takes me 30 min) Week one and two were 2 sets of 12 reps each. Week three and on will be 3 sets of 12 reps. If that gets to easy we up the weights. SO far it's NOT so easy! I have also started a food diary. Keeping track of EVERYTHING I eat will help me keep track of calories in/calories out. I want to KNOW how much weight I'm going to lose each week. Right now it should be between 2 and 3 lbs a week if I figured it out right. That is with 1600 calories and 30 min of reg moderate exercise. I can tell you this...I'm thinking I'm doing more of the excessive exercise the way I'm feeling lol! According to the exercise charts it's considered "moderate" :P '.'. Oh well!

The gym will be closed on Sunday and Monday for Memorial day break. I'm thankful now that I have the 24 hr gym to go to. I will have to use that on Monday. I don't exercise on Sat and Sun YET... I think I will have to go down on hours worked (11-12 hours each day) at work in order to do that. And right now that's not possible. Even though I don't go to the gym I'm getting pretty good exercise at work. I mean I DID lose my first 20 lbs just adding work and not changing anything else so It should be a good source of exercise for the weekends. The big thing is I have to keep control of my eating there. I can't eat the candy bars or the chips anymore like I did before. I just have to make healthier choices. They have fruit and even steamed veggies If I choose so there is NO excuse. Just have to be firm! I will do well this weekend! I WILL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TEN whole days!

Can you believe it? I can't! LOL Out of those 10 days I exercised all but two so far. I am really loving the exercise even though I have sweat dripping from my head while doing it :D It's hard, it's not SUPER fun, it's not even relaxing but I do love it. I remember in my young days I was addicted to exercise and I HAD to exercise every day no matter what!

Well after losing 20 lbs since starting work (I was in the early 290's when I started work back in October of 2008...thanks Christopher for catching that error ;) ) I had to go to an 18-20 pants instead of the 22-24 like I was in before. NOW today I tried on the 22-24 after wearing only my 18-20's for two weeks and they feel even bigger :D I'm getting rid of all of them and starting over with 18-20 sizes only. The weird thing is I'm still in a bigger top! I know my bust is bigger and I can't WAIT for IT to shrink so hopefully after a few months that will change as well. I'm still buying 22-24 shirts...sometimes 26! What the heck!?

Hubby told me today that I can go buy a few more pants to hold me over until I have to go down again to the next size ;) MWAHAHAHA I'm feeling good about this! So anyway...I went to the gym this morning and we did the usual workout plus added the extra 10 min of cadio. I found a new elliptical that does NOT make my toes fall asleep :D (did I tell you that last time?) SO I do 20 min on one and 10 on the other and sometimes I even hit the treadmill for 5 min all at close to my max heartrate :D (treadmill is at 3.0 mph and the elliptical is right around 4.0 now...started out at 2.9! Big improvement just over a week and 1/2. I am also getting a mile in before my 20 min mark now :D I am SO proud of that. I'm sweating like a crazy person and my face is red as a beet when I'm done but I feel good afterward! Nic was kind of scared when my face was so red LOL He told me he didn't like that face. HEHE
Ok off to Fashion Bug to shop! I have a coupon too :DDDDD Talk to you all tomorrow.
OH BTW hubby lost 12 lbs! He's riding bike almost every night now. And I also had an amazing breakfast buritto I made myself. Scrambled eggs, onions, salsa on a buritto shell. YUM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Nine

Went to the gym again this morning :D The bad thing is I only lost 2 lbs this week and I was so hoping for more. It sucks that I exercise this much and only lost 2 lbs. Although I have to remember that I didn't change much about my eating habits so when that changes I should see more of a lose. This Mon and Tue I added 10 min to my normal time so that was a plus! Plus we are still doing the weight machines. Today my legs were very sore as well as yesterday. I must be doing something right! The kids have all been ok at daycare too :D Well, it's late and I have to get up early to get to the gym again so I better get some sleep!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day Eight

Still going strong here. Went to the gym again this morning and did more then last week :D I did 20 on the elliptical, went on the treadmill for 10 and then back on a different elliptical for another 10. Warm up and cool down both 5 min. We did weight lifting today too (worked out the bottom half). Tomorrow will be the upper half. Then had to work from 3-11 tonight so I'm tired. Just wanted to get this in here so I remember what how much I did and the increase. I increased it by 15 min today. I also got a mile in before my 20 min was up and last week it took me an extra 3 min to get to that mile mark.
Oh I found a great new juice that I love and it's healthy for you. It's called "Naked" and I LOVE the Berry blast. Very good for you but it needs to stay refrigerated because it's made from real fruit and has no preservatives in it.
Ok I'm off to bed! Will update tomorrow.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Am I on day FIVE? I forgot to look

Either way...I think it's day five. Well today was like the up early and we were at the gym by 9:30 our regular time. Did the upper body workout with the weights (I believe there are seven machines) Possibly eight. can't remember...Heather, do you remember? Anyway after that I did the 20 min cardio workout...later on that will increase to 30 and then 40 etc until I reach an hour every day. I'm hoping to get up to 5 miles a day and I do 1 right now. I feel that's pretty good for someone who weighs 275. Oh yes, by the way that IS my correct exact weight. I'm ashamed to admit that but it's true and on Monday morning I weight in to see how much I lost. Remember, I have not changed a lot of how I eat either...just adding the workout every day. I'm not expecting a big lose since I am adding muscle. I do plan on getting my body fat tested so I can see the difference in that.
Today we are coming tomorrow. I also have to TRY to get to bed early today since I have to get up at 2:30am to get ready for work. There will be no gym tomorrow unless I go after work to the 24 hour's smaller but still can get the same workout. I may fall asleep on the elliptical but I may try it. Depends on what time I get to bed tonight I guess. Sunday is a for sure rest day. I need it! It's also that time of month and i'm extra tired from that. Can't wait till that's over with.
Starting to feel a little better. So far the knee has been just a little sore at the end of the night but when I wake up it's fine.
This morning Hubby told me I should maybe stay home and work on getting the house picked up but then a few minutes later he come in by me and said you can go to the gym...your health means a lot more to me then a clean house. I was pleased to hear him say that because then I didn't have to feel guilty going. I was going either way but at least with him saying that It put my mind at ease...and I knew he wasn't going to be mad at me for going. It's not like the house is a TOTAL disaster area either it's just messy. Hubby is also doing a good job helping with his part of the house work...something he really never had to do before but now that I'm working full time it's too hard for me to do it all. He's really been helpful. He even did some laundry :D He does the dishes a lot and picks up around the's sure is nice coming home to a house that isn't a pig sty. He's been working on his weight also and has fixed his bike up and has been riding. His plan is to be able to ride to work and back. It's about 25 miles to his work from our house. Well, I better get back to the cleaning! Talk to you all prob on Monday. Have a great weekend :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day four

Today was not a gym day BUT I sure got a work out. I mowed lawn (not all of it but we have a huge lawn) Stefan will mow the rest when he comes home for the weekend. Then I cleaned all the chicken coops out. Hauled really huge heavy bags of pine shavings. And cleaned up the yard some. That in itself made me pretty darn tired. Tomorrow morning I will hit the gym again and then come home to clean the INSIDE of the house. Sat and Sun I will most likely not post as I have to get up at 2:30 am to get ready for work and I'm not home until 3pm and by that time I'm SO tired! We will also have company and I have to keep an eye on the boys until they go to bed. I hope that is early because I have to get up at 2:30 am on Sunday as well LOL I'm going to be sleeping all day on Monday to catch up. Well, it's time to get some laundry in and jump in the shower and head to bed. Will update tomorrow again. Thanks for reading! :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Three

Another day at the gym. A total of a little over 2 hours. I actually went twice today...once in the AM and once to watch American Idol :D So far so good and it's been FUN too. My niece's little one did cry for 1/2 hour today...don't know why she decided to on the third day and not the first two but who knows. She's going to bring her tomorrow again anyhow. We will see how that goes.
Now I just have to get my eating down. I haven't changed anything yet...well, I shouldn't say that. I have been eating less of the regular thing I usually eat. I have even ate out twice but had smaller portions and different things like a grilled chicken rather then a double cheese burger.

I am planning on a few changes here coming up. For example...instead of eating a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, I'm going to be eating Fiber One. I need more fiber in my life. That will be one of my first changes. Of course with all the chickens in my life I'm not going to omit eggs by any means either. Eggs are good for ya and I'm gunna eat um! I usually eat two and two pieces of toast so that will now be brought down to one and one piece of toast. Another change I already did was drink less soda and today instead of bread for my sandwich I had flat out bread. Which was really good. Little changes will help me in the long run.
Toes still fell asleep after twenty min of elliptical...what I did then is do 20 on the elliptical and switch to the treadmill and then switched back to the elliptical. Must be how I'm standing on the thing. I did get my starting weight and got measurements as well. I will post those tomorrow evening. Heading to bed early tonight so I can get up early. I just hope my knees continue to cooperate with me. The left one gets a little sore at the end of the day but by morning it seems to be fine. Next week I will start adding my menus in here because I need to keep track of it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Two

Well, today was sort of like a repeat of yesterday. Got up early, got ready, went to the gym. Did lower body weights and we also did 20 on the elliptical and of course warm up and cool down. It was harder then the day before. I made the mistake of telling our trainer that we lowered our weights. LOL Now he will probably keep a close eye on us. It was just WAY harder then it was when he showed us the machines. My upper body is still sore today and today was a rest day for the upper. Tomorrow we do the weight training for the upper body so I can only imagine what it will feel like tomorrow evening. At least I dont work.
The bad thing toes fell asleep after doing 20 min on the elliptical. That has to be bad right?? I'm hoping after I work out a while that it will go away.
I'm eating less but not stopping all bad foods. I need to take it slow and hope that will work for me better then just jumping into and trying to be perfect. I just eat less of everything that I would normally eat and tonight my stomach is even growling so I know I ate less today. I'm going to go have some water and watch the biggest loser finale and see who won. I was at work and I DVRed my show. Now I just have to get hubby away from watching whatever cartoon he's watching LOL OH and my daddy even skipped his show so my American Idol would tape! How sweet is that huh! He knew I REEALLY wanted to see it and the other DVR is in his room since he pays for cable. So BOTH my shows taped tonight. I'm a HAPPY person tonight. I went to the gym TWO days in a row and I get to watch both my shows tonight :D Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I will update on how I did tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009

How did day ONE go??

Well, started out the day getting up at 7am (usual time) and Nic of course wants to run around naked for the first half hour. Don't really know WHY he likes to do this, he just does. Anyway...forgot already that we had an apt with our trainer to learn about the machines so when I did remember had to fly around the house getting things done and get out the door by 9am with Nic DRESSED. Met my niece there and her kids. Took all the kids to the daycare center there in the gym (it's free) and we head to meet our trainer. He was GREAT...older but very "in shape" and knew what he was talking about. He showed us all the machines and made us work every one of them. That took just short of an hour. Then we went to the cardio machines and working out for 20 min there...treadmill and elliptical (My personal favorite) Love that machine! Went home...did laundry and jumped in the shower. Got ready for work was out the door by 2pm on my way to work after dropping NIc at grandmas. I stopped at Target before work to buy some things I needed first. After a few hours at work I started feeling the results of our workout! LOL Folding laundry was twice as hard and now at 11:30 pm it's really hurting. I can't wait until tomorrow! Were doing it all over tomorrow except this time were doing the REAL working not just a training one. OH so I should hurt twice as much tomorrow night right??! LOL Oh the joy! I do love the gym and I have really missed it. I'm glad to be back! NOW I just have to stay there!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember I said I had a surprise a few months back....welll......

I'm here to tell you about that surprise now :D A few months back I said I had a big surprise that I would share with you all. It was a while back so I'm not sure that you all will remember.

Today I did something that may save my life. I joined the gym :0 Can you believe it!? The main reason I did this was because I am feeling like total crap and don't want to do anything. I hate going to work, I hate having to do housework, I hate having to take my son to his playgroup every Wed afternoon, I hate not fitting in booths at the restaurant, I REALLY hate not being able to jog like I did when I was MUCH younger, I hate wondering what people are thinking of me, I hate feeling like crap! So I thought the only way I'm going to FEEL better is to do something about this weight. I have to do it...either that or I have to get my butt to the doctor and get on meds because I'm sure my cholesterol is SKY HIGH. I do need to make an apt to get that checked anyhow just to be sure. And I will. In fact tomorrow I will make the apt for that. I just need to get my life in check and be sure that my 4 yr old has a mother in 10 years. Here I am at 40 worrying that I"m going to die of a heart attack or a stoke. That's way to young to have to worry about that.
Well, tomorrow is our first day working out (I joined with my niece) and It's a training day. Our trainer is going to show us how to use the equipment and give us an hour long work out. This will be at 9:30 am Then I do have to go to work from 3-11 and that in itself will be a huge test becasue they have BAD BAD stuff for sale in our mini store.
Another thing I have to do is get on here and at least make an entry three times a week so I can keep track of things. I need to make up some menus and get a plan in place for myself. I may work on some of that tonight. I AM very tired...I took on a driving position at work too so now on weekends I get up at 2:30am to go to work and I work until 3pm in the afternoon. I'm very tired tonight...shouldn't be hard to stay away from food tonight :D I have started as of this evening so watch for updates and see how I do. I will give you my weight when I weight in at the doctor...or the gym. One or the other.

In chicken news...My silkie is FINALLY broody so I'm sticking four eggs under her because I want to see what type of mother she will be. I need a GOOD broody, not one that will eat her babies. I will keep you informed as to how that goes too. Hope everyone is having a great week.