Monday, May 11, 2009

How did day ONE go??

Well, started out the day getting up at 7am (usual time) and Nic of course wants to run around naked for the first half hour. Don't really know WHY he likes to do this, he just does. Anyway...forgot already that we had an apt with our trainer to learn about the machines so when I did remember had to fly around the house getting things done and get out the door by 9am with Nic DRESSED. Met my niece there and her kids. Took all the kids to the daycare center there in the gym (it's free) and we head to meet our trainer. He was GREAT...older but very "in shape" and knew what he was talking about. He showed us all the machines and made us work every one of them. That took just short of an hour. Then we went to the cardio machines and working out for 20 min there...treadmill and elliptical (My personal favorite) Love that machine! Went home...did laundry and jumped in the shower. Got ready for work was out the door by 2pm on my way to work after dropping NIc at grandmas. I stopped at Target before work to buy some things I needed first. After a few hours at work I started feeling the results of our workout! LOL Folding laundry was twice as hard and now at 11:30 pm it's really hurting. I can't wait until tomorrow! Were doing it all over tomorrow except this time were doing the REAL working not just a training one. OH so I should hurt twice as much tomorrow night right??! LOL Oh the joy! I do love the gym and I have really missed it. I'm glad to be back! NOW I just have to stay there!!!

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