Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember I said I had a surprise a few months back....welll......

I'm here to tell you about that surprise now :D A few months back I said I had a big surprise that I would share with you all. It was a while back so I'm not sure that you all will remember.

Today I did something that may save my life. I joined the gym :0 Can you believe it!? The main reason I did this was because I am feeling like total crap and don't want to do anything. I hate going to work, I hate having to do housework, I hate having to take my son to his playgroup every Wed afternoon, I hate not fitting in booths at the restaurant, I REALLY hate not being able to jog like I did when I was MUCH younger, I hate wondering what people are thinking of me, I hate feeling like crap! So I thought the only way I'm going to FEEL better is to do something about this weight. I have to do it...either that or I have to get my butt to the doctor and get on meds because I'm sure my cholesterol is SKY HIGH. I do need to make an apt to get that checked anyhow just to be sure. And I will. In fact tomorrow I will make the apt for that. I just need to get my life in check and be sure that my 4 yr old has a mother in 10 years. Here I am at 40 worrying that I"m going to die of a heart attack or a stoke. That's way to young to have to worry about that.
Well, tomorrow is our first day working out (I joined with my niece) and It's a training day. Our trainer is going to show us how to use the equipment and give us an hour long work out. This will be at 9:30 am Then I do have to go to work from 3-11 and that in itself will be a huge test becasue they have BAD BAD stuff for sale in our mini store.
Another thing I have to do is get on here and at least make an entry three times a week so I can keep track of things. I need to make up some menus and get a plan in place for myself. I may work on some of that tonight. I AM very tired...I took on a driving position at work too so now on weekends I get up at 2:30am to go to work and I work until 3pm in the afternoon. I'm very tired tonight...shouldn't be hard to stay away from food tonight :D I have started as of this evening so watch for updates and see how I do. I will give you my weight when I weight in at the doctor...or the gym. One or the other.

In chicken news...My silkie is FINALLY broody so I'm sticking four eggs under her because I want to see what type of mother she will be. I need a GOOD broody, not one that will eat her babies. I will keep you informed as to how that goes too. Hope everyone is having a great week.


madcobug said...

I hope you do good at those exercises and lose some weight so you will feel better. Good luck with the broody hen. Helen Helen

Kelly said...

I am proud of you, you are very strong to venture this feat. It will be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but I know what you are feeling. Something about that 40 mark, you get tired and run down, and it doesnt go away this time. I bet the silkie will be a great mom, they are supposed to be wonderful, mine was with her babies. :) Thanks for dropping in to say hello over on my blog. :) I have been neglecting it as of late, but I had a virus on the computer too, and that didnt help! Keep moving forward, you can do it my friend. :) Love, Kelly