Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo's of Mini coop inside a larger coop

 Had this out there for a LONG time so thought i would post it, it was stuck in limbo for some time! 

I finally got them on here :D This is a little over a foot wide and six feet long so they have lots of room to run. They enjoy running from one side to the other. The big doors open up from the bottom and we can latch them to the ceiling so I can clean it out. It's simple and easy to clean. Just pull the wheel barrel up under and scrape into it :D I'm thinking about making another one for inside the garage for a "hospital coop" if needed. This one can also have a divider in it in case I need to get the birds used to each other first before adding any new ones.

Serama coop

serama coop

Serama coop

AND JUST FOR FUN...here are my show prospectives Silver and Ember They are silkies that my son will show next spring or possibly this fall yet. Depending on if we can get the shots/blood tests they need.

3 years!!

It's been three years since I have posted so I figured I better update those who are wondering if I'm still alive. I am, and really not much has changed! We still live out in the country and loving it! My little guy is now 8 yrs old and I still keep chickens :D I have on FB more then anything else because I can stay in contact with my adult children as well there. I would love to get back on here and just journal for a sort of record keeping/information blog for the kids when I am gone. I think they would enjoy reading here later. I just can't forget to write down the address so they can get to it. If I even have any readers left I hope this finds them well!~ I miss reading everyone's blogs like I used to so hopefully when I'm retired I will be blogging on a daily basis again and reading blogs again :D