Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good Friends...True Friends...are so Wonderful!.

I have several friends who have been helping me through these feelings I have and helping me with my thoughts on weight loss.  I am so lucky to have them in my life, you know who you are!!  I could not do this without you!

It's been a rough couple weeks and I have not been 'in it' 100% but I have accomplished small changes.  Mostly serving sizes.  My next goal is to delete ALL fast foods (with the exception of subway)  This will be my goal Mon through Fri of this next week.  THIS week is portion sizes.  Oh and more water...always more water!

Weigh ins will be Saturdays

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gain Weight Lose Weight...blah blah blah!

I'm getting tired of doing all the work and losing a good amount of weight (usually never more then 40 lbs) and then putting the darn stuff right back on! What a waste of my time! It's really time to get to work and get this under control before I give myself a stroke!

Starting a new plan here...well, it's not new, we have done it once before and it worked wonderfully!  It's the Choose to Lose with Chris Powell and it's high carb Tue, Thur, and Fri and low carb Mon, Wed, and Sat  with Sunday being a "free" day.  Although on our free day we can only eat up to 1000 calories over our regular calorie amount on high carb day. I'm saying "we" because my hubby is doing it with me.
On low car day my calories are 1200 and on high carb day they are 1500.  On Sun they are 2500.

Using Fatsecret.com My id on there is Kildayan so come on over and join and add me! Keeping track of my diet over there and getting all my foods listed in there.  I have several days done from before so will follow some of those as well.  

PS  Got 10 min on the Elliptical done :D  Yay me!  I know 10 min isn't a lot for some of you but it sure is for me!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo's of Mini coop inside a larger coop

 Had this out there for a LONG time so thought i would post it, it was stuck in limbo for some time! 

I finally got them on here :D This is a little over a foot wide and six feet long so they have lots of room to run. They enjoy running from one side to the other. The big doors open up from the bottom and we can latch them to the ceiling so I can clean it out. It's simple and easy to clean. Just pull the wheel barrel up under and scrape into it :D I'm thinking about making another one for inside the garage for a "hospital coop" if needed. This one can also have a divider in it in case I need to get the birds used to each other first before adding any new ones.

Serama coop

serama coop

Serama coop

AND JUST FOR FUN...here are my show prospectives Silver and Ember They are silkies that my son will show next spring or possibly this fall yet. Depending on if we can get the shots/blood tests they need.

3 years!!

It's been three years since I have posted so I figured I better update those who are wondering if I'm still alive. I am, and really not much has changed! We still live out in the country and loving it! My little guy is now 8 yrs old and I still keep chickens :D I have on FB more then anything else because I can stay in contact with my adult children as well there. I would love to get back on here and just journal for a sort of record keeping/information blog for the kids when I am gone. I think they would enjoy reading here later. I just can't forget to write down the address so they can get to it. If I even have any readers left I hope this finds them well!~ I miss reading everyone's blogs like I used to so hopefully when I'm retired I will be blogging on a daily basis again and reading blogs again :D

Friday, July 12, 2013

Alive?? I think so!~

It's been so long since I posted I prob lost ALL of my readers. Been busy that's for sure, Nic is 8 now already and I still have chickens. Still working and hubby switched jobs. Going to be a Grandma very soon (in Oct) My son is gonna be a daddy for the first time. My daughter has lost two babies (miscarried) :( It's been a rough year for her for sure! For all of us! We were all looking forward to it. I wish I could take her pain away but I can't. She's still having a rough time...especially now that my son is here for two weeks and his G/F is here also. She's coming around though...slowly. I know it has to be hard on her. Other then that, nothing else going on around here. I'm hoping to go down in hours but we will see how that turns out! I hope everyone is doing ok and your year is going well so far!

Friday, December 18, 2009

wow can't believe it

I cannot believe it's been THIS long since I posted anything here. I guess I'm too addicted to facebook now LOL
Well, were still alive and doing well :D Were trying to get the silkies ready for show this spring so we have to handle them a lot and get them used to people. They are usually pretty good tho.
My son comes home from college TODAY! I pick him up at the airport at 8pm tonight :D I'm so excited. Now I just have to get things done around here. I do have more pictures but will post them later one. Just wanted to come on and let you all know I am alive :D Oh and I got my first spam comment today :/ Don't like that! Have a great week everyone...IF anyone still reads ;)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Been a while! Got pics :D

I got my camera going again so I have to share some pictures :D It's been a while I know. I have been very busy with work and getting chickens ready for winter. We have since gotten rid of the kitten (just can't fit it into our budget with all the vet visits it will need) We have four animals in the house now and don't want another right now. So then what happens the next day after we get rid of that kitten? TWO MORE show up! Not even kidding! They are bigger so they were not from the same litter. Those two lived outside for a few days and then we found out they belonged to the neighbors. Took them home and within 5 min they were back. They locked them up in their barn for now to get them used to staying home again. I hope that works. So anyway...here are a few darling pictures and what has been keeping me so busy :D

Below are a couple of nice silkies (roo is the larger one) A blue and a black

Below is Mary, Kate, and Ashley :D I know! It was just too cute! They are ALWAYS together no matter what so I couldn't help naming them that hehe. They are bantam cochin...two are frizzled and one is a smooth blue

Here is my new bunch I travelled to MN for. Most are a very nice quality silkie and I have some BLRW (blue laced red wyandottes) in there and even two turkeys. Can you find um?

below is my newest little one It's a bantam cochin (hoping it's a blue)...this poor baby hatched out all alone, all the other eggs were either not fertile or did not make it :( They were all from others. This little one is now in with the chicks that are a couple weeks older but they are treating it nicely :D

The little one below is a mix (Serama and D'uccle) one of the little ones that tiny one is with.

Below is my darling boy spike (he's a Mille Fleur D'uccle), oh is he sweet. When I first took him from a friend of mine he was pretty mean to me and would bite me at times. Now he's the sweetest boy ever. Took a lot of holding and letting him know I wasn't going to hurt him. My friend had just recently got him back from a friend of hers who didn't treat him very well :( He's got a great home here now and he's doing well. When I got him his comb laid down now it's standing tall (a good sign he likes it here :D )

Here is my other good boy "lil Beast" (black cochin roo) He was another that would attack me at first. NOT NOW! He learned quickly that don't fly here (we carry him around for a while if he attacked us...not something he adored really ;)...now he's a sweet angel :D

Well that's it for now but I will have more :D Oh more good news...they are FINALLY coming out with the new apple comp in a few weeks so we FINALLY get to get it back! Oh I missed that! I am lost without it. It was bad this last year without one. So now I will be picture crazy! :D I will let you know when we get it.

Stefan is doing pretty good...he had been sick though...haven't heard back from him in a few days so waiting to hear how he's feeling. Little stinker prob lost his phone again! GRRR

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stefan called on VP :D

It was so cute...Last night I told Nic that Stefan was calling us on video phone and he just could not sit still at all. I don't think I could hold still LOL We were both waiting patiently with our kitten in hand that we found in the hen house: We were so excited to show Stefan ;) He's an animal lover as well.

Introducing: Baby Jaguar (Nic picked out the name)

So we sit in front of our TV waiting and watching for the lights on our VP to signal a call from our little Stefan. FINALLY it did :D
He looks so much older already and he is acting very mature and responsible. Were very proud of him. Nic signed I miss you to him and showed him his kitten. We talked for an hour which for Stefan that was really good! He had a date so he had to get going. He met a girl a few days ago and they hit if off so he was taking her to Subway and then they were going back to her dorm room to watch a movie. He told me "MOM, I FINALLY met a girl who doesn't party!" He was pretty excited about that. He was worried he would never meet someone who does not party or smoke. Two things he really does not agree with. He hasn't played wow for two weeks which we were VERY proud of him for that! I was worried he was getting way to addicted to that game. He starts classes on Monday and he's pretty excited about it. He took 15 credits and all classes he thinks he will enjoy. He said he has been talking to a lot of teachers and counselors who seemed to have really given him some insight on how to succeed in college. Many students go their first year and never return. He really loves it there which I'm happy about. I would hate for him to be so home sick that he would not want to stay. He has decided to come home in Dec rather then Nov (nov they are only out of school for 2-3 days. Doesn't really pay to fly home for that. Christmas time he will be home for two weeks. Picking him up from the airport is a day I'm looking forward to! SO he's doing fine and I got to actually talk to him rather then text only so we are good for a few days.

Stefan, you wanted to see what grandpa has been doing to the yard. Here are a couple pictures of that: It looks much better and the chickens LOVE all the extra forage room too ;)

Here are a couple Frizzled cochin chickens. They are the sweetest hens ever. There is a blue and a splash: The splash is Ashley and the blue is Kate...yes, I do have a Mary to alone with them. They are my trio Mary, Kate and Ashley LOL I do have an Olson but he is in another cage right now. To young to add him.

Well, I'm heading out for now but will be back to add more photos later now that I can figure that out :D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Coop done

OH How I want my apple computer back! I just can't figure out how to get the pics to upload to this computer. I mean I CAN get them on here but they are humungoid! Then it's transferring them all one by one to photobucket and ugh! SO MUCH TIME! Hubby does two things and they are all small and on photobucket. So I wait for him, patiently....wait. He's been busy though with work so I will be patient. He has tomorrow off and I'm going to beg him to get the photos on here then. I'm going to at least get a couple I really wanted on here so you guys can see my mini coop :D It turned out really cute and I did it ALL myself. Well, with the exception of my dad holding one of the coop doors while I drilled a hole. And hubby screwed in three screws for me that were way up and I could not see them. I was going to get the ladder and do it but he just did it for me while he was out there looking at it. Otherwise I measured, cut and built everything myself. Sometimes I amaze myself. I will get the pictures on when I can.

Haven't heard from Stefan in a few days so I'm going to try to get a hold of him today. He has went to the whitehouse and I'm curious if he got to see the president or not. I sure wish he would text more often :(

Well, gotta get going for now but will update with pics later. Have a ton of them now to post.

Here are my pics of the mini coop (above nest boxes):
Coop in a Coop

Coop Inside

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Work??? NOT ME! ;P

I have the next SEVEN days off work! I am thrilled. It's our Anniversary on Aug 29th so I took the weekend off (I usually have to work EVERY weekend) so it turned out that our large contract with an airline has downsized the amount of rooms they need so our hours at work decreased also. Just turned out to be the same week that I asked off for my weekend. So I ended up with that many days off in a row. The paycheck is going to suck but I'm going to enjoy the time home. I need to do some serious spring cleaning anyhow (cleaning under fridge/stove, curtains...that sort of thing. Plus I plan on building a mini coop inside my big chicken coop for my Serama chickens so they can be outside and still be warm for the winter. I'm planning on doing this on my own so that should be interesting. I will be sure to take pictures LOL I'm not promising what it will look like but I'm going to give it a try :D It's mainly going to be a frame with screen around it and a floor so shouldn't be TOO hard. RIGHT? Oh ya, I already have the nest box...made that last year for my cochins but they have their own coop now so I can use that for the Serama's.
I have baby chicks hatching today also :D I am giving them away, I just wanted to test fertility on my eggs before I started selling them. THey are INDEED fertile and VERY strong chicks too. Were enjoying watching the hatch today. The lady I am giving them to will pick them up this Sat. I also stuck several Cochin eggs under two broodies here. They are due to hatch in about 14 days. They are pure bantam cochin eggs. Can't wait for that.

In other news. You will never guess what my dad found in the hen house two days ago! Guess...did you guess????
A........KITTEN! YEP another kitten. I'm sure you all remember the last kitten we found in the middle of winter 10 degrees outside at 4 weeks old! WHO was very sick. See this link. The pictures are screwed up on my journal but you can kind of see him. YES we STILL have him lol Cory is such a sucker for that sort of thing ;) Well this kitten was at least 6-7 weeks old and not sick at all at least. He is a adorable! And guess where that "kitten who was suppose to live in the hen house" is right now? Yup, in our house! UGH! I sure hope we don't run into anymore stray kittens cuz cleaning the litter box will become a regular every day job instead of every couple day job. I have pictures..will post later.


Well, better get going have lots to do today and it's already after noon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's cold here today!

It's not even going to reach 70 today and it's been raining all day. Where do my chickens hang out when it's raining?? Well, I have pictures I will add here later tonight. I can tell you this...it's NOT in their DRY EXPENSIVE 8' X 8' home with nice soft pine shavings and nice clean nest boxes NOPE...not there! Pretty funny really. I'm suppose to make a trip (about 45 min away) to pick up a hen but not sure if I want to do that if it's raining. May do it tomorrow in the morning. Have to be back in time for my book party tomorrow though.
Well, last week my MIL got into a car accident...she is not sure what happened but she is not feeling well right now. We decided to give her some time off of babysitting so my sister is watching nic (he gets to play with his cousins so it's ok with him). It's only Mondays and Tuesdays so not to bad and it's only an hour and 1/2 till Cory can pick him up. She can't drive anymore for a while at least. Nic got to visit yesterday for a bit and he loved that. We will see how next week goes to see if we will have her watch him or not. May give her one more week off. We just thought it would be best if we are home when Nic is visiting and that way if she gets tired she can just call us and say come pick him up...I need a nap. Work may adjust my time too so that was nice of her. They may change the schedule around so I can work 4pm to midnight instead of 3-11. I told her only if everyone is ok with it. That way it's one hour less she has to worry about. Cory can usually be home by 5:30 if he has to be.

Another OUCH for Nic...(this happened three days ago). I was up early about 5am and decided to start some laundry. Nic woke up and come down looking for me. He was standing behind me in the laundry room and all of a sudden started screaming. I turned around and he's hopping around on one foot screaming OUCH OUCH OUCH! I asked him where it hurt and he points at his heal. I look and then see a bee on the floor still alive. He was stung for the first time in his life. I was worried and watching for any allergic reactions. Give him some benadryl right away and put an ice pack on it. Within 1/2 hour it was like nothing happened. At least I know now that he is not allergic.

Watched the "Hannah Montana" movie last night. It was cute. Cory laughs at me when I watch those "teen" movies he calls them but he was right there with me watching ;D HEHE SHHH I didn't say that on here! Don't tell him!

Ummm lets see...I don't thing anything else interesting happened lately so I better get upstairs and make some breakfast. I can't believe it's almost 9 already and I was up at 6am and got almost nothing accomplished so far today! Talk later :D Have a great week.