Friday, October 02, 2009

Been a while! Got pics :D

I got my camera going again so I have to share some pictures :D It's been a while I know. I have been very busy with work and getting chickens ready for winter. We have since gotten rid of the kitten (just can't fit it into our budget with all the vet visits it will need) We have four animals in the house now and don't want another right now. So then what happens the next day after we get rid of that kitten? TWO MORE show up! Not even kidding! They are bigger so they were not from the same litter. Those two lived outside for a few days and then we found out they belonged to the neighbors. Took them home and within 5 min they were back. They locked them up in their barn for now to get them used to staying home again. I hope that works. So are a few darling pictures and what has been keeping me so busy :D

Below are a couple of nice silkies (roo is the larger one) A blue and a black

Below is Mary, Kate, and Ashley :D I know! It was just too cute! They are ALWAYS together no matter what so I couldn't help naming them that hehe. They are bantam cochin...two are frizzled and one is a smooth blue

Here is my new bunch I travelled to MN for. Most are a very nice quality silkie and I have some BLRW (blue laced red wyandottes) in there and even two turkeys. Can you find um?

below is my newest little one It's a bantam cochin (hoping it's a blue)...this poor baby hatched out all alone, all the other eggs were either not fertile or did not make it :( They were all from others. This little one is now in with the chicks that are a couple weeks older but they are treating it nicely :D

The little one below is a mix (Serama and D'uccle) one of the little ones that tiny one is with.

Below is my darling boy spike (he's a Mille Fleur D'uccle), oh is he sweet. When I first took him from a friend of mine he was pretty mean to me and would bite me at times. Now he's the sweetest boy ever. Took a lot of holding and letting him know I wasn't going to hurt him. My friend had just recently got him back from a friend of hers who didn't treat him very well :( He's got a great home here now and he's doing well. When I got him his comb laid down now it's standing tall (a good sign he likes it here :D )

Here is my other good boy "lil Beast" (black cochin roo) He was another that would attack me at first. NOT NOW! He learned quickly that don't fly here (we carry him around for a while if he attacked us...not something he adored really ;) he's a sweet angel :D

Well that's it for now but I will have more :D Oh more good news...they are FINALLY coming out with the new apple comp in a few weeks so we FINALLY get to get it back! Oh I missed that! I am lost without it. It was bad this last year without one. So now I will be picture crazy! :D I will let you know when we get it.

Stefan is doing pretty good...he had been sick though...haven't heard back from him in a few days so waiting to hear how he's feeling. Little stinker prob lost his phone again! GRRR


madcobug said...

Your chickens are all so pretty. Yes, I could tell the Turkeys. I love that little chick with it's tail feathers sticking up. I hope Stefan gets well soon. Helen

Missie said...

I love seeing pictures of the chicks!!