Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stefan called on VP :D

It was so cute...Last night I told Nic that Stefan was calling us on video phone and he just could not sit still at all. I don't think I could hold still LOL We were both waiting patiently with our kitten in hand that we found in the hen house: We were so excited to show Stefan ;) He's an animal lover as well.

Introducing: Baby Jaguar (Nic picked out the name)

So we sit in front of our TV waiting and watching for the lights on our VP to signal a call from our little Stefan. FINALLY it did :D
He looks so much older already and he is acting very mature and responsible. Were very proud of him. Nic signed I miss you to him and showed him his kitten. We talked for an hour which for Stefan that was really good! He had a date so he had to get going. He met a girl a few days ago and they hit if off so he was taking her to Subway and then they were going back to her dorm room to watch a movie. He told me "MOM, I FINALLY met a girl who doesn't party!" He was pretty excited about that. He was worried he would never meet someone who does not party or smoke. Two things he really does not agree with. He hasn't played wow for two weeks which we were VERY proud of him for that! I was worried he was getting way to addicted to that game. He starts classes on Monday and he's pretty excited about it. He took 15 credits and all classes he thinks he will enjoy. He said he has been talking to a lot of teachers and counselors who seemed to have really given him some insight on how to succeed in college. Many students go their first year and never return. He really loves it there which I'm happy about. I would hate for him to be so home sick that he would not want to stay. He has decided to come home in Dec rather then Nov (nov they are only out of school for 2-3 days. Doesn't really pay to fly home for that. Christmas time he will be home for two weeks. Picking him up from the airport is a day I'm looking forward to! SO he's doing fine and I got to actually talk to him rather then text only so we are good for a few days.

Stefan, you wanted to see what grandpa has been doing to the yard. Here are a couple pictures of that: It looks much better and the chickens LOVE all the extra forage room too ;)

Here are a couple Frizzled cochin chickens. They are the sweetest hens ever. There is a blue and a splash: The splash is Ashley and the blue is Kate...yes, I do have a Mary to alone with them. They are my trio Mary, Kate and Ashley LOL I do have an Olson but he is in another cage right now. To young to add him.

Well, I'm heading out for now but will be back to add more photos later now that I can figure that out :D


madcobug said...

Glad that you all got to see and talk to Stefan on your phones. Nic looks so cute with that kitty. Helen

Missie said...

I like the name Jaguar for the kitten much better than the name Nicci picked for her Iguana....Norbert! Why Norbert? LOL

Enjoy your week.