Monday, August 03, 2009

Whats going on/bragging a bit ;) I love my kids

On Thursday Stefan will have been at Gally for two weeks! He has text me a few times now though. The night before he text me asking me to check out a website becasue he wanted to purchase a blackberry phone and asked me if that would be ok and what I thought of the phone and if his dad was available to look at it for him. I told him if the price was really what they say and there is no hidden costs (we all know how that can work) that it was fine with me. The phone is suppose to be free (with a mail in rebate that is) and then it is suppose to be 30 bucks a month. Well later that day a 280.00 charge came out of his checking. I text him back and said WOW that's a lot to spend for a blackberry. Was that FOR your phone? Later he text back and said...NO I put 280 in my savings account and waiting on the phone right now. THAT to me proves my son is growing up :D It made me very happy to hear that!

He is doing wonderful at Gally and I am just SO proud of him, I can't seem to say that enough. He really loves it there and has met a lot of new friends.

He told me a few days before he left for school "mom, what if I don't find the right girl?" I said what do you mean by that? He says "well, I have been looking and I can't seem to find a girl who does not smoke, do drugs, or drink and is nice all in the same person" I told him he just needs to keep looking and he will just know when that person comes along. He's so young but that has been on his mind for some reason since he has turned 18 or maybe even before that. If anyone knows Stefan they know he has always been a kid who does not drink, smoke or do drugs...heck the kid even refuses to speed and yells at me when I do! LOL And he never wants anyone who would do those things and we all know in todays world the peer pressure is awful and most kids are not strong enough to say no so I can see why he is worried. When Stefan gets married I know he wants it to be forever so I told him that he is allowed to be picky to some extent. The girl who finds Stefan will be a lucky girl indeed IMO :D

I am so lucky to have three wonderful children... My daughter just informed me she has an interview with a nice company where she can make really good money and I am so proud of her too for not giving up when times got tough for her. She is my strong willed child that is scared by NOTHING. She says it like it is and to your face. She doesn't care what others think of her. She is SO opposite of her brother (she speeds) LOL NO, she is a wonderful person and would do anything for anyone. She insisted she move out the day she turned 18 and she did, and she never moved back in (except for a week here and a week there). I give her credit for wanting to do it on her own even though she really could not afford to. She did it, and she is now in her own apt (paying for it on her own) and she seems much happier now. I just pray this job works out for her.

And we have Nic...well, he's sort of between his sister and his brother when it comes to personality. He is very quiet when we are around people but he's sneaky too. His new thing is saying "I love you 40, 90, 1000, 40, 90, 100, 40, 90, +1 40, 90 +2 (going on for 5 more minutes)" sort of thing. It's so funny. We need to get it on video. He has been addicted to grandma lately with me working so much he sees a lot of grandma. When he was little and I was home he wanted mom only. He sure is my lifesaver. I'm so happy to have him here with us now that both Alex and Stefan are gone.

Ok done bragging now ;)

LISA...YES, I do still have chickens. Could never give up my chickens. Only got more...were raising meat chickens now :D

My dad is gone this week...I think most of you know that my dad had moved in late last year? He went to my sisters to babysit her dogs for her. Seems strange him not being here...mostly quiet! And I have NO clue whats going on in the news! lol He always keeps me up to speed on that. I had to get into his room and CLEAN...he's SO messy! I washed his sheets (he doesn't see the need in that he says :/ ) and I washed his clothes. I wonder if he will notice his sheets are back to blue! LOL I will also have to add a garbage container to his room. He had empty bags of BBQ chips all over! Along with Coke cans. Ants had invaded his room. It has been nice though to get to know him sober. When I was a child he was always drinking so I never seen him and when I did see him I didn't want to be around him. He had to quit due to his health but by that time I had already pretty much decided I didn't care to have anything to do with him. Not that I didn't want to but I just didn't know HOW to I guess. He lived with my sister for 11 years and he has been here with me for one so far. I never knew anything about him so I was kind of nervous to have him move in. It's been nice getting closer to him for the first time in my life. I know Cory gets annoyed with him not taking off his shoes in our home and just some other annoying qualities he has but like I told Cory. Carpet can be replaced easily enough when he is gone. It's worth it to me to get to know him. Cory has been wonderful about it so I'm thankful for that.

Well, nothing else going on around here really...OH we went to subway last night for dinner and Nic opened the door for me :D I have been working on manners with him and that is one thing I told him (always open doors for lady's) It was so cute.

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Sounds like things are going great for you and your family!

Have a good week!