Friday, August 07, 2009

Home made??

Well we have made home made butter and let me tell ya...we are hooked! It's 100% better then the store bought butter and way healthier for us too. We will now be making home made butter. We are also making home made bread (that was a long time ago if you all remember) and now we have looked into making our own cheese as well. In three weeks we will have home grown chicken (they go to the butcher then) I may have to quit my job to keep up! LOL No, it's not really that time consuming and it's WELL worth it.

One highlite of our night tonight was meeting our daughters friend (hopefully maybe boyfriend some day) He's very nice and we think he would be good for her. He's a research vessel captain and he's 28 yrs old. Alex is only going to be 21 but I think she needs someone older. Nic loved him and when we got there he was under a tent with Nic talking with him. I should have got a picture of the two of them. Well, got a movie so were going to go check that out. I have to get up at 2:30 am to go to work and I work till 3pm. It's a long day like every weekend so I better get moving. Will update later. would like Brandon...his aunt is an interpreter for the deaf :D

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