Monday, August 10, 2009

I got a text ;)

My son text me this morning :D It made me happy. Two nights ago I was trying to talk with him and I was asking all sorts of questions lol he sent me a text back saying Mom, I'm really busy right now I will text you back. UGH! That drives me nuts when I want to know answers to the questions I was asking him. It's way harder then I thought with him being almost 1000 miles away :( I miss him a lot and knowing I can't just drive to see him any time I want is driving me crazy. So this morning when I got his text you can imagine how happy I was. He was getting ready for class so he just wanted to say hi and tell me he would text me on his break. He still says he's loving it there though :D
Well, last night and the night before last we made home made bread...(four little loaves and one big one) I put four little loaves in bags and gave them to my co workers along with some fresh home made butter. They loved it! Then Cory brought some over to his parents and he said they loved it too. We had to make more last night so we had some LOL I think I could live on those two items alone! LOL Well along with farm fresh eggs and OJ so I could get some vitamins. Every day we try to omit another form of preservatives. The more we read on this crap the more we really want to make everything home made. Cory is a big helper when it comes to this because he loves the finished results we get. And he's worried about all the preservatives in the foods now a days. We all work together as a family so that's nice too.
Oh my daughter had a really good date the other night...he got her flowers, took her out to eat and they went to the fair. He paid for everything and she seemed to really like him :D He's the captain of the research vessel that she met.
Well, I better get going..Cory did all the laundry yesterday and I need to get it hung up and put away before I head off to work. Cindy, if your reading this I will bring over some fresh bread and butter the next time I visit. I also have some towels for you.


Kelly said...

Heyyyy! I finally am making some time and getting to some blogs today! I miss reading the blogs, but you know how it is, summer is busy. I know you miss your boy, but it sounds like he is doing just fine, you raised him well, you should be proud. You should also be proud that your husband does the laundry! WOW! I know I am impressed. :) Homemade always tastes better anyway doesnt it? Its work, but really worth it. Love you and miss you! When snow is on the ground again we will be stuck indoors and on the computer, so enjoy yourself outside as much as you can. Hopefully I wont have snow on the ground, but they say this winter is going to be extra cold.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your still kickin up there in CHEESECONSIN LOL.

btw, I havent gotten an email from you in 1 BAJILLION YEARS are you still at AOHELL? lol. My current address is on my blog on the right hand column. The one ive been using since we gave up on AOHELL. lol

--- Christopher

Missie said...

I'm finally getting around to visit my peeps tonight! Get it.....peeps! LOL

I still need to try to make homemade bread. Sounds so yummy.

Happy Hump Day!