Saturday, August 15, 2009

Been watching some movies finally

Hey everyone. My son "nailed" his placement math exam he says! It was a test to see where he will be placed in college when it comes to math. Also, we had been having trouble with getting his diploma and that is finally fixed. The school for the deaf had sent the incomplete transcript so we waited to hear from them leaving messages (everyone was gone for the summer) Finally I got a hold of the principal there and she helped me out and got it done. His grades were all A's and B's with one C being in budgeting LOL Go figure! Anyhow, we got it and it's all good and I get to pick up his diploma on Monday. He had to get it from our home school system which stinks. In order to get it from the School for the Deaf he had to go 2 years there. That's ok tho...he got it and he's happy.
We have been watching a lot of movies lately. One that was really good was "17 again" It's a watcher folks. Very funny! I will list the others later. Have to get going...gotta get up very early to go to work again tomorrow. This morning was a 4am work day too so I'm exhausted tonight. Everything else is going pretty good. Slaughter date for the meat chickens is coming up soon. About 2 weeks. That will be strange! Now they all follow my dad around LOL Pretty funny site really. He has 37 chickens walking behind him whenever he walks around. They see him most of the time so they know him well. The hens will follow me everywhere but not the meaties. Well, unless they are hungry then they will follow anyone! Gotta go! Talk later.

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