Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's cold here today!

It's not even going to reach 70 today and it's been raining all day. Where do my chickens hang out when it's raining?? Well, I have pictures I will add here later tonight. I can tell you's NOT in their DRY EXPENSIVE 8' X 8' home with nice soft pine shavings and nice clean nest boxes NOPE...not there! Pretty funny really. I'm suppose to make a trip (about 45 min away) to pick up a hen but not sure if I want to do that if it's raining. May do it tomorrow in the morning. Have to be back in time for my book party tomorrow though.
Well, last week my MIL got into a car accident...she is not sure what happened but she is not feeling well right now. We decided to give her some time off of babysitting so my sister is watching nic (he gets to play with his cousins so it's ok with him). It's only Mondays and Tuesdays so not to bad and it's only an hour and 1/2 till Cory can pick him up. She can't drive anymore for a while at least. Nic got to visit yesterday for a bit and he loved that. We will see how next week goes to see if we will have her watch him or not. May give her one more week off. We just thought it would be best if we are home when Nic is visiting and that way if she gets tired she can just call us and say come pick him up...I need a nap. Work may adjust my time too so that was nice of her. They may change the schedule around so I can work 4pm to midnight instead of 3-11. I told her only if everyone is ok with it. That way it's one hour less she has to worry about. Cory can usually be home by 5:30 if he has to be.

Another OUCH for Nic...(this happened three days ago). I was up early about 5am and decided to start some laundry. Nic woke up and come down looking for me. He was standing behind me in the laundry room and all of a sudden started screaming. I turned around and he's hopping around on one foot screaming OUCH OUCH OUCH! I asked him where it hurt and he points at his heal. I look and then see a bee on the floor still alive. He was stung for the first time in his life. I was worried and watching for any allergic reactions. Give him some benadryl right away and put an ice pack on it. Within 1/2 hour it was like nothing happened. At least I know now that he is not allergic.

Watched the "Hannah Montana" movie last night. It was cute. Cory laughs at me when I watch those "teen" movies he calls them but he was right there with me watching ;D HEHE SHHH I didn't say that on here! Don't tell him!

Ummm lets see...I don't thing anything else interesting happened lately so I better get upstairs and make some breakfast. I can't believe it's almost 9 already and I was up at 6am and got almost nothing accomplished so far today! Talk later :D Have a great week.

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Missie said...

Poor Nic! I'm glad he's not allergic.

Have a good Friday!