Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good Friends...True Friends...are so Wonderful!.

I have several friends who have been helping me through these feelings I have and helping me with my thoughts on weight loss.  I am so lucky to have them in my life, you know who you are!!  I could not do this without you!

It's been a rough couple weeks and I have not been 'in it' 100% but I have accomplished small changes.  Mostly serving sizes.  My next goal is to delete ALL fast foods (with the exception of subway)  This will be my goal Mon through Fri of this next week.  THIS week is portion sizes.  Oh and more water...always more water!

Weigh ins will be Saturdays

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gain Weight Lose Weight...blah blah blah!

I'm getting tired of doing all the work and losing a good amount of weight (usually never more then 40 lbs) and then putting the darn stuff right back on! What a waste of my time! It's really time to get to work and get this under control before I give myself a stroke!

Starting a new plan here...well, it's not new, we have done it once before and it worked wonderfully!  It's the Choose to Lose with Chris Powell and it's high carb Tue, Thur, and Fri and low carb Mon, Wed, and Sat  with Sunday being a "free" day.  Although on our free day we can only eat up to 1000 calories over our regular calorie amount on high carb day. I'm saying "we" because my hubby is doing it with me.
On low car day my calories are 1200 and on high carb day they are 1500.  On Sun they are 2500.

Using Fatsecret.com My id on there is Kildayan so come on over and join and add me! Keeping track of my diet over there and getting all my foods listed in there.  I have several days done from before so will follow some of those as well.  

PS  Got 10 min on the Elliptical done :D  Yay me!  I know 10 min isn't a lot for some of you but it sure is for me!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo's of Mini coop inside a larger coop

 Had this out there for a LONG time so thought i would post it, it was stuck in limbo for some time! 

I finally got them on here :D This is a little over a foot wide and six feet long so they have lots of room to run. They enjoy running from one side to the other. The big doors open up from the bottom and we can latch them to the ceiling so I can clean it out. It's simple and easy to clean. Just pull the wheel barrel up under and scrape into it :D I'm thinking about making another one for inside the garage for a "hospital coop" if needed. This one can also have a divider in it in case I need to get the birds used to each other first before adding any new ones.

Serama coop

serama coop

Serama coop

AND JUST FOR FUN...here are my show prospectives Silver and Ember They are silkies that my son will show next spring or possibly this fall yet. Depending on if we can get the shots/blood tests they need.

3 years!!

It's been three years since I have posted so I figured I better update those who are wondering if I'm still alive. I am, and really not much has changed! We still live out in the country and loving it! My little guy is now 8 yrs old and I still keep chickens :D I have on FB more then anything else because I can stay in contact with my adult children as well there. I would love to get back on here and just journal for a sort of record keeping/information blog for the kids when I am gone. I think they would enjoy reading here later. I just can't forget to write down the address so they can get to it. If I even have any readers left I hope this finds them well!~ I miss reading everyone's blogs like I used to so hopefully when I'm retired I will be blogging on a daily basis again and reading blogs again :D

Friday, July 12, 2013

Alive?? I think so!~

It's been so long since I posted I prob lost ALL of my readers. Been busy that's for sure, Nic is 8 now already and I still have chickens. Still working and hubby switched jobs. Going to be a Grandma very soon (in Oct) My son is gonna be a daddy for the first time. My daughter has lost two babies (miscarried) :( It's been a rough year for her for sure! For all of us! We were all looking forward to it. I wish I could take her pain away but I can't. She's still having a rough time...especially now that my son is here for two weeks and his G/F is here also. She's coming around though...slowly. I know it has to be hard on her. Other then that, nothing else going on around here. I'm hoping to go down in hours but we will see how that turns out! I hope everyone is doing ok and your year is going well so far!