Friday, July 12, 2013

Alive?? I think so!~

It's been so long since I posted I prob lost ALL of my readers. Been busy that's for sure, Nic is 8 now already and I still have chickens. Still working and hubby switched jobs. Going to be a Grandma very soon (in Oct) My son is gonna be a daddy for the first time. My daughter has lost two babies (miscarried) :( It's been a rough year for her for sure! For all of us! We were all looking forward to it. I wish I could take her pain away but I can't. She's still having a rough time...especially now that my son is here for two weeks and his G/F is here also. She's coming around though...slowly. I know it has to be hard on her. Other then that, nothing else going on around here. I'm hoping to go down in hours but we will see how that turns out! I hope everyone is doing ok and your year is going well so far!

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