Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to the gym

Well today after taking a few days off from the gym...Sat and Sun becasue of working all day and Monday it was closed and I was sick on top of that...Tue and Wed I was really sick SO today was the first day back after days. I was still not feeling the best but I just didn't want to take yet another day off. It was hard going back and I got tired more easily because of having crap in my lungs yet that I am coughing up all day. Nick has been sick too but he is getting better faster than I am.
We just got in from mowing, taking care of chickens, raking the lawn to get some nice greens in our compost pile, and cleaning chicken coops. It's been a long day today. Plus I got some laundry done and a little cleaning. Tomorrow is another gym day and then it's back home to clean some more. I told Nic that him and I could have a picnic outside for lunch so we will make sandwiches and have a fun time outdoors.

I have chicks due to hatch tomorrow :D Two of them...the eggs that the silkie is sitting on :D I can't wait to see what type of mother she is. I hope she doesn't eat the chicks like the other darn hen did.
Our blue orp rooster has taken a liking to the hens and is spending the night in the big hen house tonight. He hasn't quit figured out the mating part yet but he's young.

OUr little silkies are getting HUGE! Remember I got four babies a while back. A black, blue, splash and white. I know for sure I have one hen and one roo but two are stumping me...I'm thinking two hens and two roos. Not sure yet though. They are always so hard to tell. They are in a different cage right now away from the new mother to be but will be added to it again after the chicks are big enough to move out. The chicks will get a new home as well (they are mutt chicks from the hen house)...I am just hatching them to check her mothering ability before I allow her to hatch other eggs. OH I also got a splash Frizzle bantam cochin and two (I think) blue frizzle one straight. I cant wait to see them all grown up :D
I haven't been able to find my camera for days now and I have LOTS of pics I want to take. I could have had a few really cute ones that I missed. LIke Nic and Olivia (our barred rock hen) looking into a puddle of water. Nic was all scrunched down by her on his feet and it was so darned cute! Not sure what they were looking at but something got both of their attentions.LOL Our chickens are just getting so very friendly because they know we are trust worthy now and they aren't afraid of us at all. Most of them will jump right up on your lap now. Max and Cubby are both great with them and even left alone they do not even bother chasing them. It's wonderful! Just a little training and they are just fine. Well, were going to watch Marley and Me so I will update tomorrow. OH eating went fantastic tonight :D HEATHER!!! I need you to send me your link to your journal. I can't find it!


Life on the Koch Coaster! said...

Hopefully this link works. I did awesome on eating today too, Yeah us!

Missie said...

Have a good weekened.