Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Three

Another day at the gym. A total of a little over 2 hours. I actually went twice today...once in the AM and once to watch American Idol :D So far so good and it's been FUN too. My niece's little one did cry for 1/2 hour today...don't know why she decided to on the third day and not the first two but who knows. She's going to bring her tomorrow again anyhow. We will see how that goes.
Now I just have to get my eating down. I haven't changed anything yet...well, I shouldn't say that. I have been eating less of the regular thing I usually eat. I have even ate out twice but had smaller portions and different things like a grilled chicken rather then a double cheese burger.

I am planning on a few changes here coming up. For example...instead of eating a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, I'm going to be eating Fiber One. I need more fiber in my life. That will be one of my first changes. Of course with all the chickens in my life I'm not going to omit eggs by any means either. Eggs are good for ya and I'm gunna eat um! I usually eat two and two pieces of toast so that will now be brought down to one and one piece of toast. Another change I already did was drink less soda and today instead of bread for my sandwich I had flat out bread. Which was really good. Little changes will help me in the long run.
Toes still fell asleep after twenty min of elliptical...what I did then is do 20 on the elliptical and switch to the treadmill and then switched back to the elliptical. Must be how I'm standing on the thing. I did get my starting weight and got measurements as well. I will post those tomorrow evening. Heading to bed early tonight so I can get up early. I just hope my knees continue to cooperate with me. The left one gets a little sore at the end of the day but by morning it seems to be fine. Next week I will start adding my menus in here because I need to keep track of it.

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Missie said...

Good luck on the exercising! Have a good evening.