Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost done with week two!

Today was a great day...well, maybe not perfect but today I did a lot of research on weight and what calories I have to stick to to lose my desired weight. I have to eat about 1600 calories...or just a tad bit over that to continue to lose. I can do that! I can~! I did today in fact and that was with eating out at McDonalds for lunch. My total intake at Mc D's was 1060. More then I would have liked but it didn't ruin my day. IF i had had breakfast I would have been over for the day but since I didn't I was ok. I had Tuna over biscuits with green beans for dinner. I stuck with only the 2 biscuits per serving amount and I was just right. Not to full but not hungry after eating. I had a nice LARGE glass of water too. I did end up having 2 sodas on top of everything but even with that it didn't bring me over my calorie limit. My calories today were right around 1660 for the whole day. Not bad. Now I just have to choose healthier items next time.

I did 30 min on the elliptical and our regular weight training (usually takes me 30 min) Week one and two were 2 sets of 12 reps each. Week three and on will be 3 sets of 12 reps. If that gets to easy we up the weights. SO far it's NOT so easy! I have also started a food diary. Keeping track of EVERYTHING I eat will help me keep track of calories in/calories out. I want to KNOW how much weight I'm going to lose each week. Right now it should be between 2 and 3 lbs a week if I figured it out right. That is with 1600 calories and 30 min of reg moderate exercise. I can tell you this...I'm thinking I'm doing more of the excessive exercise the way I'm feeling lol! According to the exercise charts it's considered "moderate" :P '.'. Oh well!

The gym will be closed on Sunday and Monday for Memorial day break. I'm thankful now that I have the 24 hr gym to go to. I will have to use that on Monday. I don't exercise on Sat and Sun YET... I think I will have to go down on hours worked (11-12 hours each day) at work in order to do that. And right now that's not possible. Even though I don't go to the gym I'm getting pretty good exercise at work. I mean I DID lose my first 20 lbs just adding work and not changing anything else so It should be a good source of exercise for the weekends. The big thing is I have to keep control of my eating there. I can't eat the candy bars or the chips anymore like I did before. I just have to make healthier choices. They have fruit and even steamed veggies If I choose so there is NO excuse. Just have to be firm! I will do well this weekend! I WILL!


Kelly said...

Hey girl! I just caught up with your entries! I am so proud of you, keep going. Losing weight is the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do in my opinion. It takes a really strong person to do it, and I know you can do it! :) Love, Kelly

Janis said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job so far! Keep it up! :)