Monday, March 02, 2009

Tagged and more about chickens of course

I was tagged on Cassey's journal and I WILL get to that tonight after work or in the a.m. ...I only have a little while before work and I have to try to get the darn dishes done before I go. I'm waiting for laundry now so I thought I would quick to a little entry.

I candled my eggs in the hen house (Izzy my broody is sitting on eight eggs) They are ALL alive! She was sitting on ten a few days ago...she ate one (I'm thinking it was bad) and then one was not fertile so I removed it. I also have the bantam cochins in the incubator and those will be candled in five days. I set them the last day of Feb so March first is day one. Of course it takes 21 days for them to hatch.

Everyone is good here..just been VERY busy and anxious for spring to make an appearance for once. It's been zero here or close to it the last few days and it's getting OLD! I hope thursday and friday are better days...I have those days off of work. I think I have sat off too! *fingers crossed*
I do love my job and once I get there it's totally fine but just getting there is the hard part. I don't want to leave Nic and the chickens ever! LOL It's even going to be harder in spring when the days are longer. I'm going to LONG for home then I just know it. I remember working a few years ago and looking out the window about was still light out and I SO wanted to just go home and sit on our deck and watch the sun set. Well, better get those dishes done. At least the chickens are all watered and fed ready for the day. Steele has been outside crowing his crazy head off but I LOVE hearing him. He has the most unique crow ever. I can't wait to open the windows so I can hear him better. Talk to you all later ;) And Cassey, thanks for the tag :D


madcobug said...

I miss reading your entry's and seeing you pic's since you have been working. Helen

Chrissie said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay.
Take care, Chrissie

Kelly said...

That is great about the eggs! I know you miss being home, I would too. I sympathize with you totally. I hope y'all get some warmer weather up there soon. We are going to be having some temps in the seventies this weekend! I am so excited, I think I may break a sweat, and I am actually happy about it, lol. Love you, Kelly