Monday, March 16, 2009

I had a horrible day :(

For more then just one reason!~ First of all the worst part of my day. I was looking out our window (our main floor is up on the second level) and was watching the chickens. I noticed that they had what looked like a mouse that they were fighting over and eating. I went down to see what all the commotion was and see what the heck they were eating. When I got down there I couldn't see anything right away because they are quick and one has it then the next second another hen has it. They play keep away. Then when I finally seen it I noticed it was a CHICK! YES, a dead had probably been alive at one time though :( Then I went to the hen house to see how many eggs were left. There were three! We had SIX so I'm assuming three were ate by the naughty hens. I then heard chirping under the hen. She went all crazy when she heard that and began pecking at the egg...she hatched it out in two pecks and was trying to eat it! I grabbed it away from her and ran it in the house and after getting all the pine shavings off of it I put it in the incubator with the eggs I have in there. It was not doing the best and not moving. Just kind of dazed. I had to go to work so I had to just leave it and hope it would be ok. It had been picked on the back and was bleeding :( Poor thing! I then took the other two remaining eggs out of her nest and she was NOT pleased with me. She kept jumping on my shoulder and scolding me.
I got to work (already worried that my chick would die) and walk in and there is a CRAZY amount of laundry to do. Two heaping piles taller then ME! They fired our laundry person at work to save money so now we get all of the work ourselves. So I get to work on that which was NOT what I wanted to do tonight for sure. I will have the same tomorrow too! SEVEN hours of JUST laundry and I had nine walk ins and a bunch of reservations to check in in-between all the laundry. It was just not a good night.
So then when I got home I went right in the check on the baby and it was MUCH better! :D It's now walking a bit and dried off and its eyes finally opened. They seemed stuck shut before so that was the highlite of my night. And another good thing...I have another pip from one of the eggs I grabbed out from under her. Another that would have been lunch for the hens. I learned a hard lesson tonight. DO NOT allow hens to hatch eggs around bigger hens. She was not a good mother at all. I'm hoping my silkie hens will be better at this.

OK I'm tired and I need sleep so i will get going but just wanted to update you all and let you know I'm still alive. I hope everyone had a great week. Sorry I have not been around to anyones journal lately. I have just been so busy with working full time and trying to take care of the chickens and Nic. It's a full time PLUS job for me lately. I still love my chickens though and I would not trade that part of my life for anything.


madcobug said...

What a nasty thing for those chickens to do. Guess they just didn't know what a baby chick was. Glad that you saved the others. That was a bad thing for your place of work to do. I hate it when they let one person go then the others have to take up the slack. I am afraid it's going to be like that in lots of places. Helen

Kelly said...

I had that happen with my Seramas when they hatched out their own. I don't know what comes over them to do this, but it is in fact brutal isnt it. :( Sorry you had so much work to do when you got to work, that had to suck after everything else. Dont apologize for being busy, we all are busier from time to time. With warmer weather coming I imagine you will see a lot more people absent from blogging and getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. Glad that one chick was alright when you got home. :) Love, Kelly

Missie said...

I never knew they would do that to the little things hatching!! I'm shocked!

Kallie said...

Sorry you had a bad day. I am glad the baby was ok when you got home.

Will be in Wabeno this weekend. Sat night @ Cheney's. If you aren't working that is where I'll be busy.

Miss you.