Thursday, January 01, 2009

A MUCH better day

MAX IS BACK HOME! We got a call from a neighbor about a mile away (cutting through the woods) going around the properties we had to drive about 5 miles. Their property butts up against ours (we have 20 acres they have about 80). He called and said that he found our dog and that he is very scared. We rushed right over there! When we got their he said you better call him he was just right here. I called him and about 30 seconds later he came running and was very happy to see us. We told him thank you and he said to us "Be sure to keep your dog chained or it's a guarantee that next time he will be dead." That to me was a threat really...I don't blame him really as Max WAS chasing deer and people don't like that AT ALL! Not a good thing for a dog to do and anyone has the right to shoot a dog if it's on their property chasing other animals OR their livestock. He said that Max had been there before chasing deer (can't figure out when, as he is always accounted for) The guy was not happy at all. What we think happened is that the guy held him there just to teach us and Max a lesson. Especially when we got him home he was not interested in water or food. He was VERY sore and could hardly walk. I had to help him up the stairs when he had to go out potty. He was just not normal excited Max. NOW...he is right back to normal and back to being Max. We are SO happy and could not imagine life without Max. He is for sure part of our family. Thank you all for the nice comments and for worrying about Max :D That is so sweet!

Today we were out in the garage working on our bantam coop. I got lots of pictures and Cory is going to work on getting them on the computer since we don't have our apple right now.

Kelly, you should see Phoenix! OH is he beautiful, what I am going to do is order phoenix girls for him so I can sell their eggs. We are putting hardware cloth in-between to separate the coop and the yards. Kelly is still separate from the girls until spring because they pulled out all his beautiful neck feathers but they are coming in nice now. Red actually. Not white like before. He's looking really cute! Well I'm giving the computer over to hubby so he can get my pictures on here and later I will add them so come back later to check. I will just put them in a new entry.

Family is good :D Stefan goes back to school Sunday...he was home for two weeks. Did I tell you all that he was "All American" OL in football? I don't think I did...I was off here for so long. Well, I'm off. Hope you all are well.


Missie said...

I'm so happy Max is back! Have a good year!

My78NovaTa said...

Oh Im so happy have sent you two or three emails we have prayed and worried and just been sick over him. BUT YES that does sound like a threat. I would not shoot a dog for chasing a deer I might shoot at the air to scare him off but never shoot a dog. OH CARRIE Im so happy I was so worryied about him being hurt and out about. Im so so sorry you had to miss him over the new years that was cruel of that guy!!!!! But IM glad he is back. congrats to stefan. glad your coop is going well

Chrissie said...

YEAH MY DOG IS BACK!! I'm so happy for Nic he has his buddy back and for you all he's like one of the kiddos. I'm glad the neighbor FINALLY called you all, but really shot at him. That would make me wanna shot the neighbor. Not cool at all. Who gives a damn about the deer they'll come back looking for food. Geez. Dang you all have been busy busy busy. I LOVE YOUR EGGS. It's like Easter homemade. You're like Martha..hahaha. I wanna see that video of them taking that out of the garage should be interesting to say the least. SNOW.. now that is what I'm talking about. So glad you posted and let us know Max pooh was home.
Love ya and Hugs, Chrissie

madcobug said...

I read the other entry first. Sounds to me if Max had been there before then he would have know the way back home. I believe he had him put up. Anyway I am glad that he is back home. Helen

Kelly said...

Why was Max sore? Do you think the guy beat on him in his "teaching him a lesson"? I hope that wasnt the case. I am just relieved he is back home. I know he is glad to be home too. I agree, seems to me he was holding him. Hugs, Kelly