Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A day off work!

Today is a good day. I finally get a day off work. I have to work tomorrow and Friday again but today I have off! I finished painting the first coat of the Bantam coop I got a sign made out of 100 yr old barn wood with a picture of a D'uccle painted on it from a member on BYC :D and it says Autumn Breeze on top and D'uccle on the bottom. I took a picture but DH will have to upload them here for me. The guys were busy this last weekend so no pics yet :( As soon as they come out with the new apple computer we will be ordering that for his business but until then, I am stuck with this one. I hate it, but it gets me on the net. I would so love to put siding on this coop instead of paining it. But we just don't have the extra money right now. It looks good either way :D I didn't do a fantastic job painting inside but it will work. Chickens don't care and as long as I can control bugs from living in the wood I'm ok. The floor gets another coat of paint and then we have to wait three days for it to air out and finally the chickens go in. They will be MUCH happier in their new home seeing it's much bigger. AND I have less waterers and feeders to fill each day. Right now I have 14 of them to check each day...all but two need to be filled every day. The bigger ones every other day. It's easier in the summer...I can fill them and clean them right outside. Now we have to take each on into the laundry room and clean them and fill them in the house. PLUS not to mention they all have to stay thawed in this -20 degree temps we have been having. So we have heat lamps out in the hen house and the wood stove going 24/7 in the shed where we have the others in individual cages.
BUT I don't even mind...I love the chickens and they ARE so very sweet :D And hubby has been helping me alot with them them too. Last night I didn't have to load the wood stove or feed/water anyone. Hubby had it all done for me :D I would take that over house cleaning any day. It saves me from freezing outside at 11:30 at night to make sure everyone is ok.

Well, tonight I THINK were going to try to get in a movie. We tried Saturday night but I fell asleep at 7:30 which is NOT like me. I was just exhausted. All the other night I worked until 11:00 pm and when I get home DH is already in bed. So I will get those pics on here asap...until then I hope everyone is having a great week :D See ya soon with pics!

Oh and BTW us humans are all good here as well ;) I'm full of oil based paint and filled with smelly Kerosene fumes and I have a cold...but alright :D Just glad to get that big job out of the way. Now it's just waiting and the guys take over trying to pull that huge thing outdoors! Time to go make dinner (potato burgers) and take a quick shower before our movie.


Missie said...

I can't wait to see pics of the new coop!

Chrissie said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay. Hope you get better soon and get some rest.
Take care, Chrissie

Kelly said...

So glad you get a full day off and no wonder you fell out early, you are a busy lady. I am with you, I hate having to get the waterers in and out of the house. When its summer you can spray yourself down to cool off and clean the waterers at the same time. When Coco starts laying again I will send you some eggs from Kuckoo and Coco. She hasnt laid in some time now with winter being in full swing here. I am going to try and hatch a line of them this Spring and Summer if she will let me. These are becoming the birds of choice for my showing. Miss you, Hugs, Kelly