Thursday, January 08, 2009

Almost done! Info on eggs

Our Bantam coop is awesome! The only thing left to do is paint and it's done! My FIL is thinning the paint so we can spray it on rather than roll it. MUCH faster. We have the heater going in there now so it's nice and toasty warm. The garage is also heated up nicely :D Tonight when I get home from work I will be working on the brooder box. YES, working on it at 11:30 pm! I AM crazy! But I have to get it done. I have to at least get the wood cut for it tonight. The birds have spilled their water WAY to many times and I need to get them out of that box.

Janis asked about the difference in the eggs. There is no difference on the taste UNLESS you go from store eggs to farm fresh. THEN we notice a HUGE difference. The nutritional value is WAY higher in farm fresh eggs VS store eggs. Mostly because the store eggs come from hens that are ONLY feed chicken feed. Where farm fresh eggs are fed "REAL" food. During the summer they get most of their nutrition by grazing on the plants and grasses a chicken SHOULD be eating. The get some "people" food too. Minus all the flavourings of course. When I fry eggs for my birds I NEVER add any salt or flavourings...just the eggs. Same with pancakes. Yesterday they got pancakes for breakfast and LOVED them! It was something new I tried. So once every couple days I will switch from eggs to pancakes. Hens can eat almost anything people can eat without the salts in them. NO onion or uncooked potato peels though. They LOVE meat, yogurt, pumpkin and their all time favourite thing to eat is watermelon. My hens get black oil sunflower seeds every other day as well. Very little cracked corn as that is "candy" for them and not all that good for them either. They DO love it though! They know when I come with my white bucket and call "here chick chick" they come running! I can't even try to sneak it in so I can actually WALK through their house to set it down lol they are around my feet and I practically have to step on them to get from one side to the other.
OH one other thing we tried this fall was whole pumpkin. We cracked it open and let them at it. At first they looked and looked thinking OK what the heck is THIS! Than once one took a taste they were all in there going at it. It was gone in 10 min! And pumpkin is a natural medicine to treat for worms without using antibiotics (which is another thing our store eggs are filled with). Something you don't want to be feeding your kids. Farm fresh eggs are free from all antibiotics (at least MINE are) Some people may give their birds antibiotics if needed but we don't plan to unless we have NO other choice. In which case they will be taken out of the egg business and we will not sell their eggs again to anyone. We will only sell eggs from hens who have never had a dose of antibiotics.
So there you have it...if you google farm fresh eggs vs Store eggs I'm sure there will be TONS of stuff on both. But that is my 2 cents on it. I will NEVER go back to store eggs again after seeing what I've seen and reading what I have read. Same exact reason were buying a whole cow rather than store meats any more. I don't want my kids eating the meats coming from cafo's. Just too dangerous!

Well still did not get the pics downloaded, hubby has been working later and he didn't have time. SOON though! I'm making him do it for sure this weekend for me ;)


Chrissie said...

I was just gonna say there is a HUGE difference in taste of fresh cows and store bought beef. Kyan hates beef, but will only eat the fresh.
We have never tried the eggs fresh, but hardly no one eats them here. But we all get them with baking stuff so.
Glad you're getting all your stuff done. Maybe you can rest a little after that.
Take care and glad to be hearing from you.
Hugs, Chrissie

Missie said...

I never knew farm fresh eggs came from chickens who ate people food. Amazing!

Have a good day.

Kallie said...

Hey you I sure have missed you. I could not get here then couldn't get in. Plus so darned busy. We need to get together.

Lots of love