Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bantam coop almost done

I have named this coop "Autumn Breeze" and I LOVE it' It is almost done and I will be taking more pics of it tonight and post them later if hubby can upload them for me. I am LOST without my Apple computer! I can't wait to get our new one! So anyway...it's beautiful and the chickens will LOVE it. Now I just have to figure out who I'm putting where. For now it's going to be the D'uccles in one 1/2 with the silkies...and in the other half will be Phoenix my Golden Phoenix rooster and his girlfriend Shelby ( my polish hen ) They make such a cute couple! I'm eventually going to get him his own girls and sell the eggs. I'm also getting some Black Copper Marans! I can't wait! They lay those really super dark chocolate eggs. Here is a pic of what the eggs can look like:


I would LOVE to have those types of eggs. I am also looking at getting the "true" ameraucana's also who lay the sky blue eggs not the green eggs (those are easter egger chickens) Still cute and lay nice eggs but I want blue! LOL NOW i just have to get hubby to build me another coop! HEHE Prob won't happen for a really long long time but I can hope ;) I'm building me a brooder either tonight or this weekend sometime when I have off work. The baby orps are getting HUGE and keep tipping their water over so that cardboard is getting SO wet. I made them a larger table so now they don't spill it but their box is already wet so I have to replace it because...well, it sticks! Wet cardboard mixed with chicken poo is not pretty! PLUS it can't be good for them either.

Well, I have to go make some egg pancakes for dinner :D LOVE those things! They are VERY thin and you roll them up and put butter, sugar, and syrup over the top! YUM! I will take a picture of those too so you all can drool!


madcobug said...

My son has some of those Black Copper Marans eggs up for sale on ebay right now. The sale may be gone before you can check them out. But if you are interested they will be having more and you can watch that site to see later.

madcobug said...

Here is the site better,

Chrissie said...

Cute I wish I lived close I buy eggs from you.
Those dark ones are beautiful. I've never eaten colored eggs do they have a different taste.
All my eggs come from the store and are white.
I love the Easter egged colored ones too.
Take care, Chrissie

Janis said...

I've never seen eggs like that before..crazy!

Do the nutrition values change for different types of eggs?

Have a great day