Friday, January 16, 2009

More cancellations

Schools were cancelled again for tomorrow. It's going to hit -25 or maybe lower tonight again with crazy wind chills to boot! I'm sure all the kids are loving the cold because they don't have to go to school.
The neighbours looked at me a little strange when I ran out to the hen house to put the heater out there to warm them up a bit. The reason they looked at me a little crazy is because I had shorts on and a big jacket. LOL I just got out of the shower and I just throw shorts and a t-shirt on until Its time to get ready for work. I don't want to get my clothes all dirty before work. It was cold, yes it was! I'm pretty sure I won't do that again.
I'm feeling a little better today so training wasn't so bad tonight. The girl I am training is opening up a bit to me now. She seemed so shy! My boss said that's why I am training her because I am so outgoing that he's sure I will rub off on her! I asked him "why, because I can never keep my mouth shut for 5 min!" LOL Now, this is NOT how I was when I was young. I was SO shy when I was younger. Then I met Cory! It's his fault I'm a big mouth now. I blame him totally!
Well, the hens made it through the night last night...I did change the heat bulb today because they seem to get cooler and cooler the older they get. Now it's a nice hot bulb. This morning when I went out there, their water was froze even though the heat lamp was right over the top of it. Now, THAT Is cold! I hope it's not froze again tomorrow...the thing weighs a TON the way it is and add ice to it makes it even worse. It holds three gallons of water. I should have prob put the electric heater in there tonight but I'm not going out there again tonight. I hear the wind and it's not so inviting. I'm heading off to bed. Hope you all are well :D AND STAY WARM!


Chrissie said...

Yes be careful and don't freeze to death. This kinda weather makes me sad for animals stuff outside or people who have no place to do.
It's 3 below here today. That is like the coldest temp we've had in over 5yrs. I think the wind chill is 15 below. So it's hitting my way too.
Stay warm.
Take care, Chrissie

Missie said...

I can not comprehend what -25 would feel like. Be careful and stay warm.