Friday, October 31, 2008

My D'uccles gone mad

I went out to change water yesterday morning to find two tiny cream eggs laying on the floor of the D'uccle chicken coop! I was thrilled. I waited patiently for my dad to wake his butt up so I could show him and than I wanted to check for fertility. Well they ARE fertile :D So guess what I will be doing after the eggs hatch that I have in my incubator right now? YUP hatching D'uccle eggs! Not right away...I'm going to give them a month so the chicks have a better chance at hatching. So than I go to leave for work and guess what I see!? ANOTHER tiny egg on the ground. ALL three of them laid the same day! So far none today but maybe later. Nic went to see the doctor again today and he got all bandages off and he just has to put med cream on it three times a day :D It's healing up nicely! I will take a picture of it tomorrow when I have a day off work. Have to leave here in a bit to go to work. Just wanted to fill you all in. I hope everyone has a great day :D


Missie said...

I'm glad Nic's arm is healing nicely. I hope it doesn't scar for him.

Janis said...

So glad that he is healing well! Congrats on the eggs..not sure what they are exactly but I can tell you're excited! :) lol

God Bless

madcobug said...

WE need some egg pictures. Helen