Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday reports on Nic

BOY it's cold here lately. We had our first snow yesterday, not much just a few flurries but it was pretty. I love snow. I don't know If I'm ready for it yet...seems like it just melted a while ago. Well we still had feet of it in April yet!

So Monday we went to the burn clinic and here is what they told me at check in.

"Today we will be popping the blisters and cutting off all the skin over the burned area and wrapping it back up" I'm like OH GOODIE! THAT should be fun! So we fill out our paper work and head back to the room. It looked like a surgery room with a bed and totally white! I felt sick to my stomach. Nic jumped right up on the bed himself and the nurse took his temp and than three other nurses walk in. The head nurse explained to me that the nurses would help hold Nic down while they cut the old skin off. They explained this to Nic... Nic looked at them and put his hand up, waved it a bit and said in a brave voice "NO, that's ok" LOL They said that's ok what? He said I don't need you to hold me I'm ok. I told them to wait before they hold him...that he may be ok. So they tried it...all standing around ready to grab Nic and hold him. The women got her grabbers and her scissors and Nic sat there patiently watching her...still as can be. He sat there through the whole thing and said NOTHING! Well I should say nothing...he did say ouch twice. He amazed those nurses s much that they went and got the other nurses to peak in and see what a brave boy he was being. They said they never had that happen before with a 3 yr old. They ALWAYS had to hold the 3 yr old down. I was so proud of him :D They got done and gave Nic his special glove they had been telling him about. Not anything special just finger gauze. Makes little finger gloves for him. He liked it though.
He got TONS of stickers and they even gave him several little toys because he was SO good. He has to go back on Wed and Fri and than start water therapy after that. Sounds fun.


Donna said...

Wow, I lose you for a little while and all this happens!

Kelly said...

That is amazing that he was so still and didnt cry. My child is 14 and would have built it up in her head so badly they would have had to hold her down..lol. He is such a tough boy. He has had a tough run of it lately...poor child. Give him a big hug and a kiss for me.

Missie said...

They would have had to knock me out to do that. What a brave boy you have!

madcobug said...

What a brave little tyke nic was. I hope things will go great for him. Helen

Kallie said...

I am so glad that he was brave and did ok not just for him but for you too.

Keep me posted.

Janis said...

What a big boy!!! I'm so impressed!

And what a brave mommy..not sure I could have sat there and watched that.