Monday, October 27, 2008

Got my blogs copied...whew! On way to doctor

Today Nic and I head to the burn clinic to see what's up. Got my blogs copied today so that is off my chest now. I just wish I could put them all together into one. I will be journaling here in this one from now on and only this one. That way it's easier for my followers rather than changing blogs for me again. I will just add links here for my other ones as well but not till later...gotta run! Will update later about how he did and what they said.


lisa jo said...

i hope all goes well for Nic today! OX

Anonymous said...

you can put them all in one

go to

Sign in

click settings

click export blog

click EXPORT

save the file to your desktop

while still logged into BLOGGER IN DRAFT

go to the blog you want to just be 1 blog

go back to settings

go to IMPORT

find that .xml file

upload it.

and it will put all your entries in that 1 blog

repeat it for each blog.

Anonymous said...

Also when you get done you can delete that old blog since you just merged your entries into 1 blog.

By the way make sure you the import and export using Internet Explorer.

And it works I did it with my AOL journal its all in 1 blog now :)

~ Christopher ~

Janis said...

WoW! Boy did I miss a lot. Hope your little guy heals quickly! Glad I found you over here! :)


madcobug said...

I hope you all got a good report Monday. Helen