Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pictures/Nic's new pics of hand

Well I hope pictures show up here...I have been having problems getting them on here again. The first day it worked now it's giving me grief again. Janis didn't know what D'uccles were. Janis, here is a picture of my Mille Fleur D'uccle's. They are very sweet girls. Ok so my pictures are 1/2 cut off but I think you can see what you need to see. The D'uccle girls are the brown ones. The fuzzy butts in the back are silkies.


Helen wanted to see pics of the eggs they laid...the little white ones are next to my Sex link pullet eggs which are still not regular sized. I didn't have a store egg to compare it to but it's about quarter size. maybe a touch bigger



And here is my baby's new hand pics. The first two are of Nic with his thinner bandage on and the last one is of Nic with it all off :D Now all we have to do is put Biafine on it to keep it moist and the skin from getting overly hard while growing in. If you look on the dates of the pictures you can see how fast he has healed up. He first got burned on October 24th.




As for work...well, it's MUCH harder than my last job I had at a hotel. At this hotel we NEVER sit down. Heck I used to watch tv at my other job...or play on the computer. Not time! BUT what I am hoping is that I will lose some weight while working there LOL Everything else at home has been great. Cory has even been doing the dishes :D that makes me VERY happy to come home to the dishes done. He fixed my oven last night too so now I can cook again :D AND he made home made bread! I come home and the house smelled SOO good! I have a day off today so I'm going to spend time with Nic and the chickens. I'm sure they are wondering where the heck I have been for the past 4 days. I purchased a larger waterer for them because I was not home to refill it like I used to be.


Missie said...

His hand looks pretty good! Thank goodness!

Janis said...

Thanks for the pictures!

So glad that nic's hand is healing so quickly. Praise God for young skin! :) Looks like he is coping with it well.

Hope you have a great weekend.


lisa jo said...

let me know if you got the invite i sent the other day.
Poor Nic! What a trooper he is! He is so cute. My pics also cut off on my blog. I didnt know you were working again. XO

Kallie said...

Helloooo I am glad that all is going well. Especially with Nics hand. I have to add pics and a journal entry but I have been soo busy and then so darned tired.

Love ya

madcobug said...

Thanks for showing pictures of the chickens and the comparison in the eggs. I am glad that Nic's hand is doing so good. That picture with his smile is precious. Helen

Cassey said...

I REALLY need to set aside some time to catch up on blogs!!! I didn't even know Nic burned his hand!!! I am SOOO out of the loop! I'm gonna read back some so I can see what happened! I am so glad it is healing so well!
love and hugs,

Chrissie said...

OH MY GOD I had to read back to see what happened. How scary. It looks like it's getting better, but geez.
Hugs, Chrissie