Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm still up tonight only because I'm waiting for my eggs to hatch. I have nine orpington's in the bator right now and I'm waiting for them to pip! They are due to hatch tomorrow :D I always do this! Get excited and than wait up for the darn things even if they aren't doing anything. I'm SO tired. I worked from 7am to 7pm and I'm just tired. I'm going to check one more time and if there is nothing going on I'm going to hit the sack and HOPE for something tomorrow morning when I wake up. The hens have been laying four eggs a day for us! We still have several that need to start laying yet.

Work has been ok...I like it but it's just so darn draining. SO different than my last job even though it's the same type of job. Nic's hand is totally healed now and he is doing great :) He got to spend all day with grandma today and he was loving it. I was so happy to see him when I got home from work though! I miss him so much when I'm at work. I'm off tomorrow and Saturday and I work 11am to 11pm on Sunday. Another hectic day! Well, just wanted to come on to say hi and again I'm SO sorry I have not been around to comment to anyone's journal but I will catch up! It's just been pretty crazy lately.


Missie said...

I'm glad Nic's hand heald up nicely. Have good weekend, don't work to hard!

Linda said...

Just stopping by to say hi and check in since getting back. I'm glad to see little Nic's hand is doing better....poor little guy.

Girl, you need some rest, becareful not to get sick.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Kelly said...

You are now officially super mom. I couldn't work and take care of everything and everybody at home too. You should be tired, you are doing so much. Glad that Nics hand is alright now. It sure did look ouchy. I miss you being around, just wanted you to know I am thinking about you. :) Love, Kelly PS...I didnt know you were hatching now! Must have missed something, have to go back and look.

Janis said...

Wow--what a long day!

Glad Nic's hand is better. Praise God!