Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We have TWO now/ MOVIE REVIEW ...SAD!!!

The other hatched out yesterday and she is just super cute! She has little puffy cheeks like her mommy (an EE or Easter Egger) and she has feathered legs like her daddy (Cochin) I just hope it's a girl now cuz I really want to keep her. I hope they are both girls and I will keep both of them. This is the cutest thing ever to witness! I can't stop watching them LOL they are always doing something different and mommy is now teaching them how to eat and drink :D She wasn't a very good sitter but she sure is a good mommy. Well I guess she did ok since they both hatched right?! They are getting brave and starting to come out from under mommy too so we get to see them more. I pick them up now and she is just fine with it.
I have my video camera on the charger so tomorrow when I get home from the gym I'm going to take some pics with that and a video too. BOY this is SO much easier then having the brooder light running 24/7 AND cheaper! I just let mom do all the work.

I did get to the gym today again...I also went thursday and Friday of last week which I wasn't here to report. I am starting to notice a difference now too. I was looking in the mirror at myself and I"m starting to firm up in certain places now :D NOW I just need to step up on the aerobics to get rid of the flab so I can SEE the firmness LOL.I lost 5 lbs since starting the gym which is good since I'm prob putting on muscle weight. We are going to get our fat % tested this week too so we can see the difference after a months time. I am also calling to make an apt with the doctor to see what my levels are. Hadn't done that since 2005. Cory got his done and all his levels improved since 2005. He is still riding his bike almost every day or every other day for sure. And we are planting our garden (1/2 done now) so that is hard work too!

Well, I better get some things done before I have to run out to work. Last night work sucked by the way. NO laundry was done at all so I got the whole works! Two HUGE carts full and our carts are the huge types on wheels. I was not a happy camper yesterday when I got to work. I did have almost all of it done by the time the auditor got there. He only had 1/4 load left to fold. Today I'm sure will be the same. Thank god I have three days off coming up here.

Next week is Stefan's graduation! I'm so proud of him! He's getting all A's and B's He goes on his class trip to Chicago this week too. We are having his grad party on July 11th. Should be fun. I have lots to do before that time though so I'm asking for a few days off work right before the party. I have to remember to do that tonight. I want to shampoo my carpets too...they are getting so bad. My dad refuses to take off his shoes and we always had that rule for our family...still do. So him being 83 and set in his ways we can't get him to change. He is forever hauling in dirt and mud everywhere. We want to replace carpets in a few years anyhow so it's not so bad, we can live with it for now. At least the rooms that got new carpets he doesn't go in thank goodness.

OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot...did anyone see Marley and Me? IF YOU DID NOT, YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ FARTHER! STOP NOW AND GO WATCH IT! HOLY cow was that sad! I was crying my eyes out! Seriously! I don't remember a show that made me cry more. It so reminded me of our poor Baily when we had to get him put to sleep. We carried him home and buried him in our back yard and put rocks over his grave just like they did with Marley. It just brought back so many memories. SO SAD! The only difference was the whole family went in when he was put down. We were all crying like big babies. Poor Alex and Stefan grew up with Bailey and they took it the hardest. He was SO old though and he had a good life. I was bauling becasue I felt so bad for them! It's so hard to see your kids hurt. I'm not looking forward to doing that with Max someday. That will be just as hard. This time it will affect Nic the most. But all the sadness is worth it in every way just to have them in your life. Dogs are wonderful MOST TIME LOL We all know Max was NOT a good doggy at first...remember what our basement looked like with all the feathers from the feather pillow?! LOL Max is like Marley in a lot of ways. He's still naughty sometimes and gets into things but we love him to death and he loves us. We could never get rid of him no matter how naughty his is. The other day he peed on the couch! YESS, the couch! Thank god it was the one downstairs so I took it all apart and soaked the cushion and it's all clean and fresh smelling now :D Lots of word though. Not sure WHY in the world he did that...sometimes he dreams so deep that he doesn't wake up...that's what were thinking happened. Plus Stefan forgot to let the dogs out before bed like I asked him to do.

Ok I'm gone! I have to get something done today and I have to get ready to go in an hour...doesn't give me much time at all.

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Missie said...

Is Stephen going to go to college? He's such a great kid!

I saw Marley and Me. There wasn't one dry eye in the theatre when we left. One of the most funniest movies and sad movies at the same time I ever saw!

Have a good hump day tomorrow.