Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update on how things are going.

Missie, to answer your question...yes, Stefan is heading off to Washington DC on July 28th :( It's going to be a happy day and a sad day for us. It SOOOO far away from us :(

Update on how I have been doing on my new health trek...well I have been doing pretty darn good. I have lost 5 lbs since starting the gym...I can tell a difference in my clothes now (just a little but I can still tell) so that's good. Like I said long as the weight is coming off (even slowly) I am not going to change what I eat. I still eat pizza, soda, whatever I want and whatever I did BEFORE I started exercising. I need something to change when I hit a plateau. When that happens I will go down on calories but not until then :D I LIKE eating, why stop if I'm losing?? I DO eat fruit and healthier foods too but I don't cut the sweets or fattening things. If I want them I eat them. I am still going to the gym every day (except weekends) and I believe I am starting to feel better. And feel better mentally for sure! I have to's darn hard getting up every morning and pulling my butt out of bed to go work out but I do believe I"m starting to enjoy it. I was there today and I will be there tomorrow. Starting to get to know the "regulars" who go about the same time we do.

Chick update: The mommy is showing them food and water today so they have both ate and drank :D And still hiding under mommy to stay warm but coming out more often to investigate things. They are just too darn cute! I can't wait for the next batch she sits on. I just know I"m going to have TONS of chicks running around just to see this again. She will even be a better mother next time :D

Were getting plans made for our meat chicken coop. YES, I said meat chickens. We have decided to buy a dozen freedom rangers and send them to the butcher to have fresh chicken for our table. We are also starting a long process to prepare us for beef cattle. We will get two cows hopefully next year maybe the year after. Depends on how long it takes us to learn about them and how to raise them. AND to get our field fenced in and a shelter built for them.
We got our garden half planted now and expecting some nice veggies soon :D I really need to learn how to can so we can preserve them. Other then those things, I have been working and playing with the chickens and gardening.
I better get moving for today but wanted to come update.


Missie said...

Good for Stefan! He has accomplished so much!

Now you're going to get some cows? WOW!

I wish we had some land. I'd be doing the same thing. LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! Alots been going on with you

Congrats on the weight! I have lot alot of weight walking on the treadmill and drinking more water than sodas ( Ok, I am trying on that Lol but its not really working I gotta have sugar every once in awhile )

Glad your going good!

-- Christopher