Monday, June 22, 2009

I took the babies away from mommy :(

WHY? Because I wanted to put them in with my meat chicks so they can all get to know each other since they will be sharing a coop this summer. I don't have any where else for the two little ones to go otherwise. The chicks were just fine and playing with the other 25 babies and every gets along great. On the other hand mother is IRATE! She is pecking on all the others in the cage with her and calling for her babies :( I feel bad but it's the best for all. Plus she eventually has to give them up. She has started to do a little better (an hour later) and I'm sure every hour will get even better and soon she will forget. She yelled at me and fluffed up her feathers and attacked my had when I tried to get the babies LOL She doesn't hurt but she just acts big HEHE. She's so sweet and such a good mommy. Can't wait for her to hatch some more! Maybe this year yet IF I start getting fertile eggs.
Well, Stefan got his wisdom teeth out this morning and he's feeling some pain this afternoon. They got him on vicadin (SP) and 4 ibuprofen every four hours. Poor kid!
Nic is his normal get in trouble Nic LOL He's such a cutie! I can't believe next fall he goes to school already! I don't want him to!

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Anonymous said...

hehe you mean Vicodin :P

Glad to see your doing good!

-- Christopher